Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Day 269-273: Rest of Bulgaria

Ready to go after religiously checking the weather forecast trying to time my climbs on better weather...  Thanks to Zhivko suggestion that I get to enjoy beautiful landscapes

 After a hug & kiss from Zhivko's lovely lady landlord and she gave me some apples to take on the road. Wanted to take a photo of her but she was too shy....

 Finally see some snow peaks before I leave

 Riding into the storm that I was expecting

 Hadn't got a photo but Osman & his wife cooked me a delicious dinner and fed me breakfast as well... All the energy I needed for my ride up the mountain. Osman taught me some Turkish as well and memory failed after he tried to teach me a complete sentence.

 Fish farms
 Can you see the fishes?


 It was here that I met a bunch of tourists from Portugal who were bombarding me with lots of questions about my trip. Superb crowd and just when one of them was taking this photo for me there are probably ten other cameras flashing at me. *blush*

 Finally arrived @ approx 1500m

Wonderful bridge???

 Homemade jams, honey etc

 Coffee machines are easily available if you need some quick fix

 Lucky day?

 4th puncture to date! Glass chip again!

28 Mar 15: 83.1km [Sunny & Heavy rain/hail]
29 Mar 15: 42.83km [Cloudy, Light rain]
30 Mar 15: 59.21km [Sunny]
31 Mar 15: 94.08km [Sunny]
01 Apr 15: 89.85km [Sunny]

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