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Day 291-298: Ankara - on Visas run

The roads in Ankara are at some crazy gradiants.. really crazy. Even walking is exhausting. 

Look at that road! gosh

I have no energy left to reach my friend's cousin place. Stopped for a meal to recharge.
Tr3 meal.

I have been watching them from this corner and the chap pop up his head and asked Cay? And I got a complimentary tea :)

(Mum, look away) After an oh-so-good hot shower... I realised my arms look like this... Oops.. must be the sun these few days

And even before I had the chance to ask, Anne Sedef already washed, dry and folded my clothes

Was told these are apricots. Taste raw, crunchy and sour-ish. You can eat the whole thing except the seed inside

Biber mor = Purple pepper. I'm always excited when I find something new in supermarket. 
PS: I rather loiter in markets than venture into concrete jungles... really I'm no fan of big cities.
I've never seen or tasted this before so I bought some @ Tr0.42 home and we had it raw over salad... spicy level is low with abit of bitterish taste.. I like

The reason why I had no spirit to explore

 Wonder what this life size elephant is doing here

A park in the city


Chilling out with Anne Sedef

One of the many meals I enjoyed on daily basis... there is also Cacık I think thats what its called, cucumber with Ayran. 

 Likes eating from this big round tray

Aubergine with minced... mmmm

 Very tasty home made pizza made from scratch. It was soooo good.

 Anne Sedef's homemade Kofte!

Anne Sedef makes cooking seems so easy... she can whip up a tasty meal in very short time! *Blushed* I'm always the one who get the most food on the plate...

This is how they brew tea. Boil water at the bottom, top kettle is filled with strong black tea. Then they pour some tea from the top kettle and add hot water from the bottom kettle. The kettles are return to the stove where it remains boiling over fire.

 Turkish pastries

In-house internet cafe? hehe... at 'work' while Anne Sedef brought in tea, fruits and snacks


It was a joy watching these kids at home... Some of the great grandchildren of the family. My my... the family is so big yet close knitted... the bond between them are so full of love.
Little princess


Overflowing with cuteness. This 2yo is learning to speak and never fails to make me chuckle whenever he tries to blabber something

Grandma gave me a flower after knowing the visas are finally sorted. It was a long and dreadful 2 weeks held up in Ankara dealing with the embassies.

 The women who have these 2 weeks showered me with lots of motherly and grandma's love.
Thank you Anne Sedef and Buyukanne Kezban. Gonna miss you both so much.

And Şafak... thanks for all the help and also playing the important role of translator! hehe.
Farewell to Bariş & Başak... including the rest of the family, relatives, cousins... too many to mention and Mete for arranging this amidst your tour.
Really awesome family, if not for their help I'll probably have even more problems to worry about!!!


I've walked between these embassies so many times that I probably can find them with my eyes close. haha

Iran Embassy

Complimentary tea / water

Address: No 10, Tehran Cad, Kavaklidere, Ankara
Visa Type: 30days (valid for 3mths from date of receipt)
Procedure: Applied for authorisation code through a tour operator online (takes about 5 days) first before going to the embassy. 1 copy of code confirmation email, 1 photo with head scarf, 1 colour copy of passport, 1 completed application form from the embassy. 
Cost: Free??

Experience: Get an application form from the office at entrance, get a queue ticket number and submit all the documents above with the completed form and passport. Smooth process. Went on Tues morning and was told to collect on Fri as Thurs was public holiday when I was there. I turned up on Friday at 0830 hours and waited until 1030hrs with them returning me all my documents saying I don't need a visa as Malaysia and Iran has an agreement and I will have 3months free. They looked very unsure and refused to give me some form of confirmation letter and later says 100% no problem. I went to Malaysia embassy and when our second secretary phoned the Iran counsellor officer, he says 3 months visa free for Malaysian, no problem. To conclude, they refused to give me a visa.


Turkmenistan Embassy

Address: 28, Koza Sokak, Chankaya, Ankara
Visa Type: Transit (5 days; specific dates only)
Procedure: Fill in an application form, 1 photo, 1 colour photo copy of passport, 1 letter of purpose, 1 colour copy of Uzbek visa
Cost: USD 55 + USD 10 processing fee

Experience: Submit above forms, went to the bank to pay USD10 processing fee and told him collection at Tehran. He doesn't speak English and there was another officer there to translate. They say will email me when visa is ready and collection at Tehran where I will make rest of payment there. Turkish ID required for payment at bank. He don't sound very convincing so we shall see if my visa is really 'collectable' when I reach Tehran.


Uzbekistan Embassy

Address: Sancak Mahallesi, 211. Sokak No 3, 06550 Yildiz Cankaya, Ankara
Visa Type: 30 days Tourist visa (specific dates only)
Requirement: Complete the form here and print off, 1 photo, 1 passport copy
Cost: USD 80 (Went to the bank with a turkish man who was doing visa as well as turkish id is required to make payment at the bank)

Experience: Visa application/collection are only on Mon, Wed and Fri. I went on Tue and tried submitting. I explained my passport is with Iran embassy for the visa and he accepted my form anyway and wanted me to return 9 days later (no LOI). Any other questions even asking about the cost he doesn't want to entertain me and he speaks little English. I begged to speed up the process and eventually he told  me to come back 3 days later at 11am. But he can't seems to give me confirmation on whether I will get my visa on that day. I turned up 3 days later and he told me its not ready because Uzbekistan side had internet issues for many days and yesterday was public holiday in Turkey. He said he will call me when ready and refused to answer any other questions and just walked away. Out of frustration, I told our embassy about this and they called him. My visa was ready on the following Monday.


 I was so frustrated as I felt I've gone round in circles.
Need a coffee to calm my nerves and think of Plan B or maybe even C.


Malaysia Embassy

Address: Mahatma Gandhi Caddesi, No:58, Gaziosmanpasa, Cankaya, 06700 Ankara
Open Monday - Friday 9.00am -5.00pm

 Our Ambassador was away in Istanbul but I still managed to get many help and contacts here.
Thank you Mr Abdul Majid Husain (Right) for letting me take up all your afternoon making many phone calls.

20 Apr 15: 40.03km [Cloudy]

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