Monday, 13 April 2015

Day 283-284: Rest days in Istanbul

Rise and shine to a sunny day and good view


Coffee and Bansky, what a nice way to start the day... 
we came lived in the same city but I never met him though
 Breakfast at the balcony. We even dine in style ie with our sunglasses on.
 Menemen (Turkish style scramble eggs)


Burgaz Adası (Island)

With my beautiful host, Denize and looks like my TAN is back!

Captivated by the heart

Treated to traditional made ice cream... mmm

Horses roam freely on the island 

 Some photoshoot going on... hmm the colour of her costume clothing is ....

Enjoying afternoon coffee with a view

What a contrast... Concrete jungle is just opposite 


Turkish wooden house

Think this leads to some holy water

Roasted chestnuts - common street snack


     Kınalıada (Island)

Modern Mosque 

The very populated side of Istanbul (Asia)

Marvelling at the Turkish wooden house structure.
Sadly there were many abandoned ones on the islands...

Island's annual Cats meeting going on?

 They are all channelling out a message: "Feed me, Feed me"

Calamari + Turkish beer

The sunset is still as beautiful as my last visit 

Denize says tonight's dinner menu is fish so we swing by the fish stall by the ferry terminal to get some and Caner gonna prepare them
Istanbul fish
*drools* it was delicious

 Denize and Caner who made me felt like sleeping in hotel and eating at restaurant. 
And not forgetting to mention, TonTon their cat... simply love watching him.
Strangely, we were eating fish and he wasn't even interested at all.
TonTon you've got character... I like!

TonTon you are welcome into my room, don't stand outside... please come in

 Only managed a few quick shots between running errands around town

 The fish we had last night

 Mussels - common street food


And when its time to say goodbye :(
You have been great hosts Denize & Caner... And thanks Engin/Tamar (previous hosts from Edirne) for hooking us up.
PS: Denize... you can do it too! You know what I meant. :) See you (both?) in Malaysia.

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