Thursday, 30 April 2015

Day 299-301: Rock sites of Kapadokya

 Göreme town

Went for a short hike up 'sunset point' way while waiting to meet my friends

 Mt Erciyes at 3916m is the highest mountain in Cappadocia

 The flowers grow in balls on the tree

 11th century Sarnic Church - used as a water cistern for a period 

 Uçhisar village

 Testi kebap - meat / vegetables slow cooked in sealed claypot 

Yay finally reunited! It feels strange to see familiar faces but definitely strange in a good way... big hugs...

A new bracelet from her when she knew I was down with luck recently *muacks*
Hope these many 'eyes' will keep all the bad luck away!


Had the pleasure of crashing in my girl-friend's room in a cave (Thank u Floris+Des... hur hur)

View from the hotel's terrace

Big breakfast spread

The cave hotel which used to be the family's home.


Because everything cost money in Cappadocia, I opted for a very enjoyable self-guided hike around 5 valleys which took about 7hrs. haha.

My not very detailed map - hiked through Red, Rose, Love, White & Pigeon Valleys. I started from the bottom right and finished back in the village at bottom left.

 Lady selling dried fruits

 Gallery and also home

 Thought it was only one frog but on a closer look its one on top of another... in the middle of the path

 A church where you could use some rock climbing skills to get into...

 Actually there is another easier entrance at the side

'Food' dotted around

Mt Aktepe

more 'food'


 Exchanged a big hello to these peeps down there...

 Çavuşin rock castle

  Selfie in 'Love' valley hehe


 This dude walked really fast into the bush before I can capture another shot

 Don't mind living here!

 With my lovely... an evening stuffing ourselves with vegetarian pides.

 Treated to wine at the hotel... can't say no since Cappa is one of the country's largest wine producing region


Dragging myself out of bed in the early hours to catch the mass balloons ascend. Didn't receive the text from my friends = don't know which balloon they are on :(

Ain't they too close?



Around Goreme town


 Pink coke can?

 Pretty... wish I can get one

Alot of work and concentration

 Many Koreans & Chinese tourists

 hahaha bloody long way!

 Chilling out with Libing & Floris with our complimentry turkish delights from the hotel

I was gutted that I couldn't cycle here due to held ups in Ankara but still it was a worth while trip by bus to Cappa to catch up with old friend. Thank you ladies! It was oh-sooooo-good and relaxing! Looking forward to our next meet up somewhere....hehe. Love you!

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