Friday, 10 April 2015

Day 277-282: To Istanbul

Stay clear... heavy loaded bike reversing...

Wonderful bike mechanic who makes me laugh so much

Thanks Engin for hosting and arranging a few other onwards journey hosts.

Taking a break for lunch but my bread... my bread... got moldy


My host took me out for dinner   

and also treated me to my first turkish coffee since I arrived few days ago...
 I reaction after a sip was... ahhhhhh (satisfaction!)

Breakfast before I head off in the rain

Serhat. I thought I was supposed to stay with some friend's friend at a bike shop but as they speaks no English they got in touch with someone who then got in touch with Serhat who ended up hosting me :) 

I was stopped by them to go in for a cay as it was raining outside... I hesitated but gave in after one of them wave a simit at me. Though we can't understand each other very well it actually turns out quite funny how we communicate and we just end up laughing hard. They even gave me more simits to take away

Turkish Pizza 


Serkan made sure I have meat, veg & my favourite Ayran each night.

 My host, Serkan whose favourite past times are paragliding, rock climbing, diving, snowboarding just to name a few... Thanks for sharing your home. 
He accomplished this 2yrs ago!


 Got an invitation for tea

 They welcome me with Cay, Turk coffee and biscuit...
 Apparently, last year 2 german touring cyclists past through and... had Cay plus hair washed here... 

 He didn't want to give way and just wanted to boot me off the side of the road. I slowed down and was about to stop when I heard screeching sound... it was my mug that I hang at the side of my bag coming in contact with the bus, he stopped, came out to check if his bus was scratched, didn't even looked if I was ok and drove off. Thank you very much for being so inconsiderate!

 Spotted a tent, pitched by the side of the road... hmmm

 Spending the night in a village. The first thing my lady host asked was if I was hungry and...

 Husniye, my host who treated me like a little sister.. 

 She gave me a pair of feet warmer...

and Grandma gave me presents as well

 Toasting my feet

 Happy to be treated with chocolate snacks

 Their buffalo

 Their garden...

 Thanks for keeping the house warm

 Beautiful daughter

Umit, her husband

 Drinking water or just tap water


 I entered via Eski Edirne Asfalti on Saturday morning... glad traffic wasn't as horrific as I've heard. The plan was to exit this side of Istanbul quickly since I've been here before

 Thorn found friends but not their owners

 Hello ASIA!!!

 On board the ferry to cross over to 'Asia' since no bike allowed on the bridge

Yaaaah finally arrived safely at my hosts' beautiful home and waiting for homecook dinner to be served :)

05 Apr 15: 61.55km [Cloudy]
06 Apr 15: 56.04km [Heavy Rain]
08 Apr 15: 63.92km [Sunny]
10 Apr 15: 62.02km [Windy]
11 Apr 15  49.50km [Sunny]

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