Friday, 27 March 2015

Day 264-268: To Bansko

Woohooo.. they've got my favourite peanut butter flavour plus a new hazelnut flavour.
(Just when I was trying to quit eat less chocolates)

Bansko (Ski town)


 Martenitsa worn from 1st March (read the link)

 I was merely passing by and was invited to have a look inside this restaurant. The waiter says its a 300 (or 200?)yo house.

Weather has not been good these few days... and it dampens my mood

Thanks to Lyuben who couldn't host me as he was away but asked his friend Zhivko who kindly took me in... thanks to them I was sheltered from the rain these few days and managed to keep up to speed with blogging, plotting my actual routes, run some visa errands online... oh not forgetting.. I've got a set of fresh, clean clothes too. Its a bummer though that I stayed with a house full of ski instructors and never took any lessons. Perhaps next time, when the sun is shining and when I have better 'cashflow'...

23 Mar 15: 46.92km [Cloudy, Drizzle]
24 Mar 15: 50.48km [Cloudy]
25-27 Mar 15: 0km [Cloudy, Rain]

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