Friday, 3 April 2015

Day 274-276: Crossed 10,000km

No go! My only other option was the motorway so I had to back track through Svilengrad to get on the motorway

Up to the motorway. The road was spacious and not busy at all when I was up there

Brief hang out with the sheppard

Long truck queued kilometers away from the border

Diverting into Kapitan Andreevo just to have a look... like a deserted village

what? I've crossed the 10,000km marked? It felt almost unreal that I have cycled this far. It started with doubts, and the curiousity of what such a feat will bring to me... I fell in love with this new lifestyle and the fact that I can explore my flaws better. I will be lying if I said all was rosy as there were days that I felt moody (especially soaking in the RAIN), times of never ending ascend, being annoyed by drivers/dogs.. but on the flip side, simple things like sunshine, food, chocolate, a cup of coffee, a smile can turn into a happy riding day.. life became very simple and it feels good.
I didn't know I can lived with just 2 sets of clothes, 1 pair of shoe and 1 flip flop...
 I wonder if I have unknowingly inspired someone but if you are still skeptic, how about changing the word dangerous to ''The world is full of wonders'' and let yourself go... Till will understand home is not a place but feeling and time is measured by the beautiful moments you've experience...
And I will keep going forward... with my 'slowly slowly' motto till I reached where I needed to be...
Thanks for being part of ths journey and hope you still enjoy the photos through my lens.


This calls for a celebration! - with an ice cream treat

There were construction going on and I rode through a small fence opening to get to the custom at Bulgaria side, not sure if it was legal but no one shouted at me. Then before reaching Turkey custom, I had to pass through a cloud of  'Disinfecting' mist *hold breath* to reach the passport checkpoint..

Into Turkey

Road D100

Polenta - Romanian style prepared by friends from Cycle Silk Road
Corn flour (not too fine type), water, salt, oil

Usually eaten with cheese

With Melih, George & Petru

Home made wine

Photo credit CycleSilkRoad: Touring cyclists from Malaysia, Romania and France with our hosts

Breakfast by Pierre & Julia from France. Its like a sweet version of cous cous. 
Its semolina (Irmik), mixed with raisins, nuts, oil, little water, chocolate and stir over heat

Our hosts' bike shop run by Engin and Tamar

Well equipped shop

Julia's bike stand, a bamboo pole

George's bike

Petru's bike

Pierre's bike

bike alarm!

With Cem, also a host in Edirne... he makes his own wine/raki, if you are lucky you'll get to try them

Us with Engin & Cem 

One heading down Turkey and the other towards Bulgaria... Bye Bye


Shopping street

Shoe shine anyone?

Typical Simit stall

Alipasha Bazaar

Carobs - Me likes chewing on them


 Don't need to go Copenhagen to see Mermaid.

 Many locals getting their simit here... I think its because they are fresh from the oven

Simit and raisin bun still warm from the oven

 Van load full of freshly made bread from that shop

And I go with the flow of local people and ended at their open market... I like markets... I have nosing around what they kind of food they eat


Vine leaves

The watermelons sellers

This is.... ?

Massive cabbage and leeks


Very big artichoke

Halva!!! But a little costly for me

Old Mosque

Since 1422 and still in use now

Selimiye Mosque

Bazaar under Selimiye Mosque

Ottoman tombs dotted around the city

Edirne speciality - Fried Liver (Ciğer) with my new addiction Ayran (Salted yogurt) and spinach

 I was invited to stay another night to join them for some turkish music at night... So I spent the day being a part time worker... ermm not really.. I was just occupying the receiption desk and laptop spending 10hrs plotting my Turkey route.

 Meanwhile I was treated to many Çay

Byrek & Ayran!
Like turkish pizza. Was told to roll the salad and squeeze the lemon onto the 'pizza', rolled it up and eat

 Was also gifted with a new toy... like my mini wind mill?

 A night of friends, beers and traditional music 

Cem and his other half :)

Many toasts of 'Welcome' to me

02 Apr 15: 64.19km [Sunny]
03-04 Apr 15: 0km

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