Sunday, 19 April 2015

Day 288-290: Before Ankara

 Roads of town ain't that good huh


 Best smile of the day!

 While I was speeding down the road, this bugger crashed into me, did a somersault (my imagination) and left its stinger in my neck. Ouch, immediate stingy pain! I don't recall killing him but he ended up like this. I quickly snapped a photo, checked the time and sped to the nearest town to find pharmacy/hospital as I couldn't see the spot but felt something poking out there. I rode for about 6km and was glad to find a pharmacy and they led me to the hospital.

 Doctor took the sting out and showed it to me. It was so tiny but mighty huh. I tried to channel him the message 'am I going to die' through my eyes... ok just joking. He doesn't know English so I asked 'problemli' and he did a circular motion with his finger meaning just apply cream and I followed the pharmacist back to get this. I'm ok, pain turned to itch but I think its healing.

 A shot of my hotel room (petrol station). Why I called it hotel? I've got access to toilet, wifi, drinking water, tea and the attendant even made me breakfast... just that he freak me out banging on the window to wake me at 0630hrs to eat breakfast.

 Phew... all the ascend.. if only I have a white flag to surrender haha

 A night of 'lack of sleep' in a village. The dogs have been very chatty and just when I was falling asleep again, the 5am-ish prayers blasted from the mosque speaker. hmmpf

 Many farms spaced out on the field along the way

The last climb before reaching Ankara... I have zero leg power left.

17 Apr 15: 76.04km [Sunny]
18 Apr 15: 104.46km [Sunny]
19 Apr 15: 104.48km [Sunny]

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