Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas 2014!

After 175 days on the road, 8651km, I would like to say, 2014 Christmas has been a special one and the best gifts I have received this year is your Friendship. To my family, to all my new and old friends, to everyone I've met along the way, to readers I've never met, to all the touring cyclists reading this... Thank you for your support and time; From a simple 'Like' on FB page, a comment, an email, a donation through paypal, a shelter, a thumb's up/ wave/ horn at me on the road or even stuffing me with food and the list goes on, whichever way it is they are things that kept me going with a Smile. So... raising my glass of red wine, making a toast to all...

Here's wishing everyone a Holly, Jolly Christmas! 

ps: To my reader Lei Xu, thank you for following closely on my trip... your ''Christmas gift'' that just came through warms me up on this cold festive night. I hope you enjoyed taking the virtual travel with me and that some day you'll get to see these places with your own eyes. 

pps: To Alexis, for putting a roof over my head just so I'm kept warm this festive season... honestly, it meant so much... million thanks!

ppps: To Santa... I had to replace Christmas stocking with my pink sock (I did make sure it is a clean one) and a fireplace with a wood stove. I'm sure you wouldn't mind. So Dear Santa, I forgotten to tell you my wish when I was at your village 175 days ago and hope now its not too late! I wish to find a place to hibernate from winter and also get a chance to chop off half my hair at no cost (I meant get a hair cut). Please...

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