Thursday, 11 December 2014

Day 161-162: Start of family mini adventure

 All setup and ready to go... plan and route changed... meeting our same host up at Zagori

 Pamvotida lake
 Ioannina's new icon... introducing you the ''Pink Mermaid''

Snack break

 After losing my 'emergency' band months ago, I'm glad I have a replacement now thanks to my BFF. She is always so thoughtful. Hope it will never come into good use though... you know what I mean.

 My brother aka my trip manager and niece in tow pedaling up slope


Loves how the sunset paints the mountain red.... it also means temperature dropping and we are still riding

 Welcome to Primoula where Alexis kindly hosted us as friends for a couple of days

 Withering beautifully

 Home sweet home!

 Worth pushing the bike up the steep slope to the guesthouse

Vikos Gorge - one of the deepest in the world

 Alexis on the edge

 Us taking in the splendid view on the edge. Imagine pitching your tent here and waking up to this view with a cup of nicely brewed coffee

 Rock climbing spot

 Educational 'poo' day for her

 Brown bear poo

  Sorry to disturb... did we scare you?

Farewell dinner after a great day out!

10 Dec 14: 37.95km [Sunny]
11 Dec 14: 0km [Drizzling]

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