Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Day 157-160: Crossing into Greece - On time



Spinach Byrek 

Gjirokaster white cheese


 Sigh of relief... finally reached Greece one day ahead of schedule even though deep down I haven't had enough of Albania... there are still routes I wanted to explore


 Our cosy home in the castle such a lovely place... luckily Alexis was able to take me in at the very last minute even though I'm early otherwise I will be out in the cold...

 Siblings reunited + my cute favourite niece... such a rare occasion as we are all over the place and there is always one of us missing. I could almost count the number of times us trio were together at the same place. They are the reasons why I was racing (well, kind of) through countries from Italy.

 Little helper

 Finally get to scrub the mud off... with a toothbrush and get some maintenance done

A busy day of putting the bikes together

Quick run to the bike shop for final touch up

06 Dec 14: 72.2km [Sun, Rain]
07 Dec 14: 92.67km [Sun, Rain]
08-09 Dec 14: 0km

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