Saturday, 13 December 2014

Day 163-165: Back to Albania!

 Morning frost and rays - view from guesthouse

 She named this kitty... Lucifer (Hello Lucifer! How are you?)

 The team of  'Helmets' posing with my Thorn. Thanks Alexis for being such a gem, showing us around and spending time with us... really wished we have more time to explore the area!

Awww... Goodbye hug with Uncle Alexis. Alexis nicknamed her 'Pink Ninja' probably cos she is too hyper...

 Posing for a shot after successfully rolling down the road from the guesthouse :)

hmm I've noticed more and more things are hanging off my bike

Can you see me?

 Snack time and Auntie has to be her cushion to sit on.

 I came from the same route when I first crossed Albania into Greece and now I'm back again... into Albania on the same route, same snow peak. Little girl pointed to the snow and asked if we can go there... no kiddo its kinda FARRRR now.

 Queueing at the custom ... long wait

 Sometimes she pedals and pedals and end up in this position. I'm so jealous. Bro I want too, ferry me?

 Still queueing

 Welcome to Albania! I'm pretty excited to be back again to one of my favourite country and also return to the city that I failed to explore previously due to time

Cheers to our arrival at Gjirokastra

Peek-a-boo with Giant oranges?



Our morning essential

Byrek... cheese & spinach

 Watermelon jam???

 Ooo fig jam! Yummy

 Smoking is bad for health... this is just playing cards :) [I think we almost freak her mum out when we sent this to her]

 Mountain tea. Its nice...try it. Alexis introduced this to us back in Greece and we love it.

 He requested for a photo

 Toys!! Glad she behaved.

 mmm.... can you smell?

 Love this expression

 Soon she will not need me to hold her anymore

 So wanna have a cuddle

 Who is this celebrity.. can I have an autographed?

 The father & daughter

Poor thing probably frozen to death

 Upsetting scene - rubbish dumping

 Pink ninja practising her flying stunts

I will carry you until I can't lift you anymore ok.

 Ain't he good looking....

Love her to bits - I just love watching her and can never get enough of her expressions

Zekate House (Ottoman style)

12 Dec 14: 71.73km [Sunny]
13 Dec 14: 0km [Sunny]

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