Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Day 153-154: Passing Tirana to near Elbasan

Who knows about these? Erika, whom I met in Norway wrote and told me their names. Red (Corbezzolo) "Arbutus" and those brown (Nespole) "Loquat". Thanks Erika!

Huge selection of Olives



 I want!!

 Behind the fence :(

Donkeys are still used as working animals

 Some legend?

 When I was at the top I noticed part of my brake cable snapped off. This made me pretty nervous as I'm about to make a descend soon

The ride to Tirana saw me riding in the heaviest rainfall I've experienced so far. It was painfall when the rain hits my face and every few minutes there was lightning followed by ear deafening thunder. At first I cringed as the lightning seems so near and the thunder shook the earth but soon they were like symphony. I battled on whether I should stop but didn't want to waste anymore time as my family were due to arrive in a few days time. Everyone treated like the weather was nothing so why shouldn't I? Business as usual and watching children squeezing under an umbrella walking on the almost flooded side road still happily peeked out to say hello with a big smile gave me the will to press on... its only rain... its just a splash from the sky and I'm sure I wouldn't be that 1% to be hit by thunder right, temperature was mild too. Traffic became chaotic when I'm nearing the city, two third of the road was flooded and I didn't want to ride straight into the puddle fearing I might fall into some holes (their drains/manholes came without covers!).. I swirled to the unflooded road and it certainly annoyed the drivers who kept tooting at me as I'm holding up traffic but I DON'T CARE... they can either run me over or they can drive in the flooded area to overtake me and if they don't want to drive there then why should I ride there? The more they toot the slower I pedal (boo-boo)! Surprise, surprise... by the time I arrived, the rain died down. My so called waterproof pant completely soaked through my inner pant, wet socks as usual, water sipping through front panniers... other than that all was good and I'm glad to call it a day.
After a day like this, I was granted with dry weather the next day and the ride was so good up the 'mountain' with splendid views. I spent some time up there doing my usuals... ooo-ing & ahhh-ing at the this is beautiful. But late in the day when I found out that the ends of my brake cable got snapped off (btw my cable is 9 year now) and the nut was only holding on to little bit of the leftover end.. mmm I wasn't excited about rolling down anymore. I don't have spare, I don't know how to change it anyway (at that time but now I know) and I was hoping it could last until I meet my brother to change it... using a piler to pull more cable out and tightening the nut should temporary solve the problem, me thinks. *finger crossed*

02 Dec 14: 59.8km [Thunder Lightning storm]
03 Dec 14: 51.54km [Sunny]