Thursday, 18 December 2014

Day 166 - 170: Family adventure coming to an end

Due to time constraints (family had flight to catch), we had to get to Korca by car as bus was not an option from Gjirokastra

Us squashed up at the back

Road from Gjirokastra via Tepelena, Permet, Erseke to Korca (I would love to take on this route by bike if I could)

 Early morning fog

Cramped in the car for long hours is no fun (5hrs)

 Arrived at Korca. Original plan was to ride to Pogradec and stay for a night but we only arrived at Korca in the afternoon and wouldn't make it then. So we decided to load up and ride into Korca town instead

 At Bujtina Leon guest house - lovely fire place

 Kiddo drawing for her mummy

 Owner says this is good this year

 Worse glass of red wine I've tasted. (ps: Its not the one shown above)
And I wanted to say... kiddo's orange juice cost the same as our wine!

 Checking out some Albanian cuisine - QofteAntel, QofteVerore and soup

 Happily being fed these few days


 She is usually our alarm clock in the morning, first to get up and she'll start talking non stop. But days into the trip I think we've managed to drain her much until it was hard for her to get out of bed.

 Sumptous breakfast spread

 With the guest house owners.

The much needed (been there) shot - Korca beer factory.

 We were gutted that we haven't had time to check out their bazaar!

 Her usual stretching exercise

 We were just stopping to take some photos when this granny gave some apples to my niece...
Thanks to my niece for her cuteness, we got our 'vitamins' sorted today


Back in Greece and pressing on to Kastoria.

Pity we didn't see any brown bear crossing the road

 Us squeezing into a lift

Cooking dinner in the room


 Where brother park his bike... glad its still there

 Bus from Kastoria to Thessaloniki - careful handling of bicycle by the attendant

 Last short distance ride with family - to the hostel in Thessaloniki

 Taking a shot amidst waiting at the traffic light

 At Little Big House hostel

 The usual cheekiness



 Can't agree more

Wonder who is carrying her again? Me!



Gonna miss you

 Hate goodbyes... time flies when you are having fun. Thank you for making such a big effort to meet me. Looking forward to more...

 Taking a bus back to Ioannina to where I last left off from my trip to start off again

 Bus was pack and they almost don't want to let me get on with the bike and it was poor handling this time round

Thorn got chuck into another bus which they said was gong to the same place as well...

14 Dec 14: 3.99km [Sunny]
15 Dec 14: 83.15km [Sunny]
16-17 Dec 14: 6.52km [Sunny]
18 Dec 14: 6.67km [Sunny]

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