Monday, 1 December 2014

Day 150-152: Short Montenegro


Morning market



 While I was riding uphill, a man shouted out ''Kaffe'' and gestured me to go over...

 and so cups after cups of espresso was served I almost had an overdose of caffeine. He also tried offering me cigerattes many times but I politely turned it down as my lungs needed a rest from the carbon monoxide I've inhaled on daily basis ;)

 This is the kind man Tito. He speaks no English but I managed to work out that he has a polish wife and had a son.. where they are I'm not sure... he says next 10km would be fine before a bit rolling begins to the borders.

 Then he shared the food he just bought with me and keep gesturing me to eat more

It was a nice stopover and I can't stop smiling for the rest of the day. Thanks Tito. 

 Rubbing my eyes... Kaki tree?!?!

 oooo.... my favourite fruit in season!!! Don't they look delicious.

 Goodbye Montenegro... it was rather short... too short

Hello Albania. The moment I reached the border I was greeted with super friendly custom officers who came over to have a chat... followed by lots of children shouting/waving hellos... people giving me acknowleding knods, cars tooting and waving at me.. oh I felt so welcome already.

29 Nov 14: 0km [Rain]
30 Nov 14: 73.05km [Rain]
01 Dec 14: 83.4km [Cloudy, drizzle]

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