Friday, 26 December 2014

Day 171-178: To Ioannina, 2nd time

The greek says you must have one so people can't put a bad eye on you. Maybe I should hang one on Thorn?

 Long queue till outside the bank

Dogs in Greece at huge and they are everywhere



 Kids going round the town singing with their triangle instrument





 Open air market

 There is always a queue at this bakery

 Dried bananas


 I love these butter cookies (Kourabiedes)

 Sinfully sweet

 Did you see a smiley face?

Butcher's shop

I like this shop but never went it... as I wouldn't be able to resist those cakes, sweet pastries etc

Typical found on the streets during festive season... feasting time!

 Chilling at a cafe like the locals do with a Frappe

 Busy Christmas eve

Cousin of Aristidis whom I met in Germany. Its him whom brought me here to Ioannina. They looked alike!

 Free red wine and performance below


Celebrating the festive season by trying some greek recipes (not a great cook but able to get by without starving myself haha)

 Yamas! And my clean pink sock (''Christmas stocking'') on the wood stove burner

Managed to find a tailor to patch my trouser and cost me almost nothing. Co-incidentally he used to travel alot when he was young and have been to Malaysia as well.

  ευχαριστώ (Thanks) Alexis, AGAIN for putting a roof over my head

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