Friday, 21 November 2014

Day 139-142: To Zemunik Gornji

Excellent road!


Marco & his dad & Irena from Pensione Dalmazia located not far from Zadar took me in in the middle of a cold night and showered me with great hospitality. Spotting their house felt almost like seeing light at the end of tunnel after bumping on bad unlit roads (thanks to my clever detour) with no where to camp. I was very tired after almost 100km of riding...

 Lovely stone house that I slept comfortably in for a night

 Marco's dad was so excited to receive me as their first Malaysian guest and invited me to join them for dinner... felt to lucky to have met them.

Irena even packed me lunch to take on the road. Its pack full of all the essential I needed for the road.

To my friends at Pensione Dalmazia, Thank you! Perhaps someday we will meet again, in one of the summer

18 Nov 14: 70.55km [Rain, Hail stone]
19 Nov 14: 66.82km [Sunny]
20 Nov 14: 98km [Sunny]
21 Nov 14: 81.15km [Sunny]

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