Friday, 28 November 2014

Day 145-149: Last leg of Croatia

 Climbing area looks good


 1kg for 2KN

 Rolling in the dark is getting common with shorter daylight and I really don't like it

 View from Marko's place

 An edible fruit...wonder how it taste like. I don't think Marko will be impressed if I pluck off the only fruit on the plant so lets leave it as it is

 Have a drink even if its in the day

 Thanks Marko for hosting me.

Went down to Molunat to get some groceries and chilling by the bay


He was keeping a lookout for me while I pluck some pomegranates by the roadside

A little bitter and sourish but its free and full of vits


 To Montenegro borders.. woohooo

Bye Hrvatska.  Thanks for the almost perfect weather


Along Kotor bay, Montenegro. It was raining hard when I arrived in Montenegro and couldn't really enjoy the beautiful Kotor bay...

24 Nov 14: 73.12km [Sunny]
25 Nov 14: 89.97km [Sunny]
26 Nov 14: 101.94km [Rain]
27 Nov 14: 14km [Cloudy]
28 Nov 14: 69.02km [Rain]

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