Monday, 17 November 2014

Day 132-138: Italy to Rijeka, Croatia

 Days of riding in the rain, its good to be able to enjoy Italy's sunset before I leave the country. I would love to spend more time here as there are too many places I wanted to explore but wet weather has been discouraging and time is ticking for me to reach Greece by early December to meet some of my favourite people.... stay tuned!

A little climb as usual to the borders

Common sight along the road - grilled pork

Welcome to Croatia

Round of homemade rakia from my host Kora and her boyfriend


They took me up to the castle area to get a panoramic view of the Rijeka before heading to Istria


 World's smallest town

 Treated over a meal of hearty goulash, rakia, homemade red wine and dessert - KroŇ°tule & Fritule


A walk around town in Rijeka


 I'm a fan of open market!

 Does anyone knows what is this and how you prepare it?

Sweet tooth very satisfied with this treat (Kremsnite) from Kora. Thank you both so much for showing me around and introducing Croatia to me.

11 Nov 14: 67.71km [Rain]
12 Nov 14: 97.5km [Rain]
13 Nov 14: 100.54km [Rain]
14 Nov 14: 94.48km [Sunny]
15 Nov 14: 80.34km [Cloudy, Some sun, Fog, Rain]
16-17 Nov 14: 0km

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