Sunday, 23 November 2014

Day 143-144: To Split via Sibernik

Its Mandarin season... can't wait to have a chance to pluck them


.... one of the first public lighting network



Bike party at Kastela.

 Pablo from France, Frane our host, Mariana from Brazil and Me. We had a cracking night..laughing so hard.

 Ain't I tiny? Frane has hosted so many people and I'm his 98th guest. I think any touring cyclist passing through here will have known this place... a place where cyclist meets other cyclists. Frane is also preparing for his world tour!

Frane trying to learn the basics of our languages

Dinner prepared by Mariana & Pablo


Mariana made Chapati for breakfast

 Mariana's steed. She flew to Lisbon, went to the bike shop, bought everything and started cycling... she hasn't got the best equipments, she hasn't got any waterproofs... but these never stop her desire to go cycle touring

 Pablo's steed

 Double checking on the route

And off they went.... Bye Bye!


And I went into town to meet Frane for a tour round the city. Our bikes tied together... look how small Thorn is.

Fish market. Its late in the day so they are almost clearing up

Made a wish... (toe of Bishop's statue)

 Tasty dried figs

 In love with Blitva (Chard)... gonna cook them for dinner

Frane introduced me to Pipi... Split's version of Fanta orange
He got me to try Croatian Burek Soparnik

And then Cevapi.... its so good with the Ajvar! My tummy is very happy. Thanks Frane.. you are such a man with a big heart. Don't forget to invite us back to the 100th guests rooftop party and hope to hear about your world tour someday.

22 Nov 14: 73.63km [Sunny]
23 Nov 14: 42.55km [Sunny]

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