Monday, 10 November 2014

Day 127-131: Crossing Brenner pass to Bolzano

Locals say I shouldn't proceed anymore as snow might be bad up there... Some say I should stop, some say I should just take the train. But I thought its do-able. Machine been clearing the road quite regularly.

 Grit spreader / Snow clearing machine been driving up and down the road... Don't breath through your mouth and keep it shut if you hear them coming unless you want a mouth full of dirty, salty crush ice in your mouth... I know because I tasted them. haha. They just got splashed on me when the machine went passed.

The snow was getting heavier and just when I was pondering/hesitating whether I should stop, I saw this sign... only 5km... I'm not far off so I pressed on

About 2-3km from the pass, it was getting really cold/snowy and the grit salt on the road weren't effective anymore. Road turning icey...

Yeeahh.... Italy!

Cycled path on the right covered in thick snow. 
Snow was falling hard after the border, then it turned into a mixture of snow and rain... my socks and gloves were totally soaked by then and my fingers were getting numb that I can barely switch my gears. I caved in after I started shivering and gritting my teeth so hard. All I can think of was a hot, hot shower and curling up under a thick duvet.


 Was happily riding on the road when a police car pulled over and signal for me. Don't think I have broken any laws so I gave them my biggest grin and asked whats the problem. Turns out the 2 policemen were concerned of my safety as there was a tunnel crossing ahead. They told me I could just take the cycle path over there... there? where? The next I know they followed slowly behind me (oh I felt like celebrity with police excort) to make sure the cars are slowing down and then later on overtook me and directed me to follow them as the lead the way to the cycle path. How sweet?

Lorenzo from Florence! Met him just before Bolzano and he waved me to stop. We chatted and its a shame we were going on different direction. Lorenzo you owe me a beer! Where you now?




 Homecook Spaghetti

 Homemade hummus

Homemade pizza

Totally spoilt with all the food, music, coffee, beer and free flow of wine. Patrick played such a great host... I was so chilled out and its been raining anyway but eventually ran out of excuses to stay longer as I've seen the place briefly, cleaned my bike, he helped with my onwards route, we fixed the hole on my tyre, I've rested, been fed well... so it was time to say goodbye (reluctantly) as I couldn't trouble my lovely host anymore.. Thanks for being a star.

06 Nov 14: 53.47km [Snow]
07 Nov 14:78.63km [Drizzling]
08-10 Nov 14: 0km

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