Monday, 29 June 2015

Day 357-361: Another new chapter, Armenia

Little birdy is sleeping... shhhhh

 ... and woke up

 Ku-chan meeting new friend

 [Photo credit: Kei] Kei decided to adopt birdy named Pi-chan. 

Really glad to finally meet them, fantastic and inspiring friends... a pity we are heading in different directions. Thanks for everything and also escorting me into the city before bidding goodbyes.

 The lunch that Kei made me!

 hahaha... The Jam that Yuki made for me to take on the road

12,526km Nakhvamdis (bye) Georgia


 Phew. Finally made it through the dark tunnel. I haven't got my rear light replacement and a car driver kindly pulled up beside me and gesture me to follow him while he drive slowly and guiding me through the tunnel before giving me an 'ok' wave and drove off. How nice of him.

 Mushrooms!!! I should have buy some...



 Fruits from the garden of the family who took me in

 Edible seed within seed of apricots

 Don't know whats the name but this flower looks like butterfly

 Checking out their flowers and fruits in the garden
 Mini green apples

 Its Apricot season!!


 Anna picking mint leaves for me to take away. I used to hate drinking mint tea but after drinking tea from fresh mint in Georgia, I got addicted.

 Homemade bread by Anna


 Fresh warm milk... it actually tastes quite nice

 Fresh milk

 Lauza & Sazgis. Sazgis pulled up his van ahead of me, got off and threw stones at a dog who was about to chase me. Lauza then invited me to stay with them after knowing that I was looking for a place to sleep as by the time I reached the top of the mountain, it was already pitched black. I dozed off in their van and by the time I woke up, I was in a village only 20km away from Yerevan. So I managed the ascend and made in down the mountain in their van.. I thought their home was only few kilometer away from where I met them..oh well.. I was glad to have met them and sorry I had to turn down the invite to stay another day.

 Their son, Isahak and daughter, Anna. They also have an older son, Mizran who went out already.

 A big bag of apricots and apples, plus fresh mint and tea hangs on my bike when I depart. Thank you!

 Lots of apricots for sale by the road

 It was so hot that I almost wanted to stop under every other tree

 Drive through atm machine

 I couldn't take the heat anymore and rolled into the gas station. Stood looking at these cold drinks for awhile and who knows the staff then brought me a chair and gesture me to sit, gave me a cold bottle of water and feed me with apricots... 


 Corentin, a french touring cyclist on his way to Japan, grew these lentils in his panniers and eat them as salads

 Our dinner

Nader & Irsa (brothers) from Iran whom we met at the hostel where I have arranged for some packages to be delivered to... They've kindly left us their contact so hope to see them again in Tehran (but.. but.. the detail is now with my other friend whom we just split up on the road)

26 Jun 15: 101.57km [Sun & Rain]
27 Jun 15: 58.18km [Rain]
28 Jun 15: 69.12km [Sunny]
29 Jun 15: 18.61km [Sunny]

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