Monday, 1 June 2015

Day 331-333: Gahmahrjohbah Georgia

Was told to go by the passenger way at Georgia custom

 Gahmahrjohbah (Hello) Georgia

Last glimpse of Turkey

Enlightening path?

 Met a British couple (Paul & Jo) on honeymoon who started in March last year, stopped for winter and now carrying on their jouney to Australia.
We ended up cycling together for a good few days until Tbilisi!

  He was spreading net... Fishing?

 Homemade jam

 Makhuntseti Waterfall

 They told us this is 'strawberry for snakes'... poisonous

 Looks like Mulberry but its green. Sweet & yummy

 Peach tree

The family's vineyard

 The family who let us sleep in their 'garage' for the night

 Gas station


 Looks like road being block + Unpaved road started from Khulo

 Waiting for the cement truck to finish with his 'business'

 Laundry line - pulley system

 While Paul & Jo managed to flip over this landslide 'diversion'... I didn't. I tried cycling and pushing but with the load, I just kept rolling backwards... such a booboo. So I went back down and decided to wait to flag down the next car who could perhaps give me a hand in pushing my bike up. After a few minutes, I saw a familiar figure approaching from the other side.. it was Paul! I thought they were long gone ahead but they were actually waiting on the other side and probably think I will have a problem getting over after a 'no-show'.

[Photo credit: Jo] Paul running back to his bike after lending me a hand

 An old man suddenly grabbed hold of my arms and tried to push me while I cycle passed him and while I almost fell, he thought it was funny *weird*. Then shortly after, 3 kids blocked my way while I was trying to pedal up slope and asked for pen or anything to give them... then started nosing at my stuff and wanting to pull things off my bags... I tried to pedal off and one of them tried to pull from behind... eventually I got away with him only taken my coke bottle strapped under the bungy cord at the back

 Photo credit: Jo


 View from our home last night.

When the going gets tough

 Just came up from here *sweat*

 Break for rest before more climbing

 Sight of snow nearing the top

 Goderdzi mountain pass @ 2025m. I started bike pushing for the last section

 Our little celebration on the mountain. There isn't any menu and the lady understands no English but we ended up with table full of food

 Paul helped me with the bike across while I cross on the wooden plank = no wet feet/shoes/socks for me :)

 Photo credit: Jo

Cows commonly spreading across road... sometimes they get frightened when you pass them and they started running in unpredictable direction

Woohoo finally back on paved road at Zarzma. 
Unpaved road started after Khulo all the way up to Goderdzi pass and down to Zarzma.
The road condition was really hardwork but scenery was fantastic.

 Police officers led us to this place by the road and told us we could camp here. They even kept driving back several times just to make sure our bikes and us are safe. We eventually moved into the green hut on the left when a man who stayed nearby came out with a key to the hut and even helped swept it clean. The hut on the right was what Jo called..Dead bird Hotel for obvious reason.


30 May 15: 85km [Cloudy, scattered rain]
31 May 15: 54.25km [Sunny]
01 June 15: 44.28km [Sunny]

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