Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Day 337-356: Tbilisi & surroundings - Part 1

Jewelleries seller taking advantage of the pillar on the street

I seen lots of kids like her on the streets :(

Coffee booth

Was surprised to find Dunkin Donuts here!
I dare not walked in as I may not be able to resist the temptation

Spotted an interesting chalk board: "Before I die, I want to...."

 Read between the lines... written by others
"Have a huge bag of weed ; Eat all the cookies"
I want to finish ticking all the things on my huge bucket lists.

 Mother of Georgia

 Tbilisi botanic garden

 Tbilisi botanic garden - if you are tired of the buzzling city, this is a nice place for a change

 Paul having his round of 'shooting'

 Lots of strip clubs dotted around

 Candles? Nope. These are Churchkhela, walnuts (or other nuts) in string dipped in flour thickened grape juice. My new favourite snacks. They looked very sweet but its not.


Again, Paul, Jo & I trying to escape from the city, we went to Tbilisi reservoir on a cloudy day... will be nice if the sun was out

We were accompanied by loud 'croaking' symphony by the lake

Chronicle of Georgia... near the reservoir

 Peter Pan?

 Spotted this interesting structure filled with old stuff on display


I happened to passby the area hit by the flood a week after and clearing is still ongoing.
If you haven't already know, this is the news here.

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