Thursday, 4 June 2015

Day 334-336: To Tbilisi

 A mixed of Georgian, Pakistanis, Malaysian, British, Russian and of course Booze :)

The day before, this beauty started following us some 20km before we stopped for the night.. half way through we thought we have shake her off but when I came out of our host place to the supermarket, she was there sniffing around. When she saw me, she quickly pound over and started licking me and followed me around. The next day she was there again and followed us another many kilometers until she couldn't run anymore (she had a bad leg)... it was upsetting but we couldn't take her along. I hope she is good wherever she is now.




 5km of unpaved road before Gori

Glimpse of Gori

 Kids climbing up the cherry tree to pick us cherries

 Typical quick fix dinner

 The abandoned school that we stayed in

 The security guards who led us to our 'home' for the night. It was by chance that we turned into this place after the farmer by the road told us we could find drinking water here.

 There were about 40 people living in this area where the abandoned buildings were and we got invited by the Sultanishvili family to their home after we cooked for our dinner to have more food and of course... rounds of vodka

 Georgian dumplings - Khinkali


 Uplistsikhe - caved town

 more caves spotted

 The trio

 External pipeworks commonly seen in villages


 Approaching the city... oh god traffic, cars etc... yiks

 Goodbye Jo & Paul..for now... catch you again in the city. It was nice having company these few days especially with the help when the road gets tough. Without them my mountain pass crossing wouldn't be this smooth plus all the hilarious moments, coffees, hot food, waiting for me (they sprint, I cruise) etc... great friends made! Thanks to them, now I wished I had a Kindle.

 Keep pedalling dear friends, filled up this pannier with many more countries.

01 June 15: 44.28km [Sunny]
02 June 15: 68.04km [Sunny]
03 June 15: 91.83km [Sunny]
04 June 15: 81.58km [Sunny]

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