Saturday, 4 July 2015

Day 362-366: To Yeghegnadzor


"Just smile back"... yes its that easy!

 Corentin having a go with the music instrument

 Dried fruits, nuts etc... you name it, they have it. I love this shop!


 Walking through a very long tunnel hoping to reach a park on the other side. 

 Supper in the park

The expensive district

 Republic Square

 The delivery was delayed again and we couldn't spent anymore money on hostel so we rode out and found somewhere to camp in the city

 Free berries

 Nice view of Mt Ararat

 Goodarz from Iran was riding towards Yerevan while we just rode out, came by to say hello and gave us his contact. See you in Iran!

 Camped in an Apricot field

 We were told to feel free to pick our own apricots and of course we did :)


 One side of the road was close off so we had many kilometers on the motorway without traffic

 Khor Virap Monastary

 No shade and unbearable heat


 Taking a break from the heat


02 Jul 15: 23.98km [Sunny]
03 Jul 15: 66.83km [Sunny]
04 Jul 15: 51.96km [Sunny]

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