Friday, 29 May 2015

Day 323-330: To Hopa via Vakfikebir

 Visiting the next family on behalf of my brother and Sean who spent 8 awesome days here in Vakfikebir some 11 years ago...
 I almost couldn't find them, some moved to another city and Emine moved house too... Luckily people who knew them eventually gave them a ring. They were so shocked to see me and Emine still remembers how these boys were like sons to him.


 Nungu's home made Ayran!

 Emine picking some veg for salad... saying 'Organic' and gave me a big smile

  Taking a stroll into the center with Salih & Nungu's daughter
 Election campaign flags in thetown center -common sight everywhere

 Emine loves cooking and again she is yet another mum whom I met in Turkey who can whipped up a delicious meal within a short time


 Something cheesy and tasty for breakfast

Beautiful view from the house


 Been following Emine around visiting and we spent our lunch at Somra's 'home with a view' above.

 Emine's grandson, Arel, such a joy playing with him

 When I didn't close my door, my stuff became his toys... Hayir Arel, that is not for eating :)

 Grandma's creation hahaha.. nice ass ya

 His curious look - cute

 Prepping for stuffed pepper

 Abdul baba bought back lots of strawberries.. every one I ate was sweet. Emine used the remaining to make strawberry jam... the amount of sugar used was horrifying

 Abdul baba bought Dondurma... well basically he brings home something everyday. I was very spoilt

Lovely Abdul baba and Afsin (his son) aka like a brother to me haha

 With Afsin family and Emine

 Like a mum to me these few days. Been following her around hopping from house to house meeting many people, it was great getting to know their day to day life. If I had stayed longer, I probably would have been to the houses of all the neighbours in the apartment haha.
Sorry I can't stay any longer and yes Anne, we will come back to visit.


 Lots of tea factories closer to Rize and onwards... the air smells really nice passing these factories

 More election campaign flags 

 My rear light got stolen where I left my bike at the ground floor of my host's apartment :( 
Now having to go through the remaining tunnels before the border without my rear light... I can only hold my breath and keep my finger crossed - nervous

 Bags of tea leaves commonly seen by the road side waiting to be loaded onto the truck at the end of the day

 Snow capped mountain..


 Last day in Turkey ended perfectly with great company. The feast was oh so delicious!

 Bye bye Turkish bread... I must have had so many in these 2 months


Turkiye Gule Gule! 
It has been a very different experience compared to my last many months on the road. Like riding a roller coaster, there were many good and unfortunate moments, almost too many. It was also mentally tiring dealing with horny farktards and there were times where I felt sad/powerless for the wives of husbands who are trying to cheat. Many friends especially locals told me to be careful and not trust any men here and they were constantly checking on me regarding my safety. It was the first time trust became an issue which makes me wonder should I be friendly or not. Nevertheless, there were many fond memories that brings tears to my eyes to keep... of the people who had showered me with overwhelming hospitality, lots of love, selfless kindness/generosity, saved me on the road and help along the way. Gonna miss the food, cay and kahve too. It is still a country worth visiting again and hope someday I can explore the south but perhaps not alone as its mentally too tiring. Right now, another chapter closed, at 11930km. I will still keep my heart open and keep on pedalling...

~ Çok teşekkür ederim ~

22 May 15: 80.93km [Sunny]
26 May 15: 126.73km [Cloudy, Rain]
27 May 15: 96.31km [Cloudy]

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