Saturday, 9 May 2015

Day 302-310: To Zile

 2 weeks... after 2 weeks I'm finally out of here. No more embassies running for a while.
 Almost always got offered tea when stopping at petrol station for a break, including this time.

 Prof. Dr. Hassan who stopped me by the road to have a chat and told me there is place to stay at the University. He has an upcoming Balkan tour with his motorbike this summer and have done many other tours previously too.

 Good to be back on the road especially when the weather is good

 No joke but I'm trying to take shade from a lamp pole while woofing down a snack bar.

 Guided by Ahmet, student at Kirikkale University when I was asking him for some directions. I end up hanging around in the university with him and his friends. 

 Kind invitation to drinks and desserts ^_^

 ooo..... chocolate oozing out... *drools*  Pardon me, can't resist desserts

 Thanks to Prof Hassan, Ahmet & Hasina, I get to stay here for a night!

Hasina, Samed & Ahmet. Thanks for your company for the night + singing for me at the University park. I had a great time. (Ahmet! Don't forget to send me the rest of the photos)


 Wonder what is the sofa doing there. Look quite comfy to.... sleep on.

 A night by the river...
 Tent oh tent, faster dry... time to move on


 My strange habit of stopping on the slope to eat? Well a hungry woman is an angry woman. haha

 This was my last photo and everything after was a Blur. I remembered towards the evening it was raining; I remembered putting my rain gear on; I remembered I supposed to cross a pass today; I remembered carrying my bike into a van with someone's help; I remembered locking my bike outside a building (hospital?); I remembered blood was drawn... I remembered... actually I lost some memory and have been operating myself in a subconscious mode.
I guessed I have slipped and hit my head? Concussion? All I know was... I was taken to a hotel, my helmet was cracked, handlerbar was shifted, I went to bed with painful head & neck and waking up feeling nausea.
Btw, the practice doctor at hospital did not check my head but tested my blood instead and just tell me no problem, no problem... just because he doesn't understand?

If you think helmet is not important....
Haven't found a new helmet so taping these cracks up for the time being.

where Julius Caesar defeated the Persian Army
 Zile castle 

 The carvings on a column with Julius Caesar words.


 The old house is filled with stalls of handmade stuffs by women & homemade food

 Lentil soup



 Stepping on very old carpets


 The duo who kindly showed me around Zile. I think they were involved in helping me last night and one of them told me he was a doctor (but he wasn't, he just worked at the hospital). Even though I was walking around with great pain, I still wanna thank them for their time and dinner with their extended families. To be honest I didn't feel comfortable in this town, the more questions I asked the more contradicting answers I get so I decided to carry my painful head and stiff neck to the next city where I have already have a host waiting and could possibly get help there. So I head off the next day and it was one of my most awful ride + I couldn't turn my head but luckily the road profile was good.

 The small window between 2 rooms - 1 candlelight could lit up 2 rooms in old times

 The famous words Zeni, Vidi, Vici said by Julius Caesar meaning, I came, I saw, I conquered

05 May 15: 77.08km [Sunny]
06 May 15: 102.58km [Sunny]
07 May 15: 103.9km [Sunny]
08 May 15: 49.96km [Sunny, Rain]


  1. you had an accident in Zile City,You hit your head somewhere.Because you had amnesia !!! a few people found u lying on the roadside!!! You wanted to go hotel. Doesnt accept go to hosptial. You always asked ""what happened to me? My bycle is OK?"" Hotel resepciton workers tired your that asked always in 5 forgot their answers
    then contact with governor for you.They send you hosptial by ambulance.Your health checked.All blood exams and taking brain Tomography without pay!!!.Results You were OK !!! İf you were not Ok You can not turn the pedal today
    Your medical records keeps in that hosptial.
    you rested in that hotel.Next day Governor and police make to contact with Malaisian Embassies for you.Because you cant do that journey with that amnesia They have info about your journey.They let you decide.
    Maybe dont remember very well everything but this was is your Zile events...
    they were intensely interested in you and your health.
    This whole things are not fake !!!
    Police,Governor,ambulance service,hospital had info about you,
    For your comfortable and safety

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  3. I went back to the hospital again to request for a report and met the practise doctor who treated the day before.. I ask if they check my head, if I came with ambulance etc, he says not shown on system so I only got a copy of the blood test. I said my head hurts but keep saying 'No problem'. It was another person who is not a doctor told me that he was a doctor. The people who kindly showed me around said they were calling embassy for me when they were with me over breakfast. I never met any police though. I only don't remember the fall but knew what happened later on which you mentioned above. The hotel people do not understand my questions properly and I wanted to make sure my bike is lock in a safe place. No one ever said the whole situation was fake. I was in pain and very uncomfortable and since I had a host waiting I decided to leave as he could possibly helped me. I do not think the hospital should just disclosed my personal medical record to anyone and further more you published it in public. But thanks for taking the time to find out what happen.