Friday, 15 May 2015

Day 311-316: To Ünye via Tokat, Niksar

 No matter how many times I've ridden down roads lined with two rows of trees by the side, I still find it.. romantic



 My dinner is being cooked

 Kebaps in this region are grilled vertically

 Hands on grilling session

 Ta-dah. Thank you Mahmut for dinner.

How do I look? Do you like my flying ear studs? hehe

Little did I know that the host who was expecting me was a doctor. Am I lucky or what? I explained to Dr Mahmut what happened and people at Zile didn't check me properly. I was then led to the hospital for an x-ray, given some medicated cream and neck guard.


 Not sure whats going on.

 Some important people?

 Taşhan - Han in old times are like guesthouse that let travelers stay for 3 days with food provided
Peeking into the open courtyard of Taşhan
Enjoying Turkish coffee (posh) with Ismail at Divan Cafe in Taşhan

Glimpse of Taşhan 

 Fantastic view

 Enjoyable walked around old town with Ismail

Old things always capture my attention


Surprised to find English version... It reads: ''He, Allah, is the only and One. Allah is He on Whom all depend. He Begetteth not, nir is He Begotten. And none is like Him''


 Pasta - turkish style

 One of the journalist out of 3 who interviewed me. 

One of the article can be found here. Thanks Kemal.



Delicious spread of breakfast before I set off.

 Packed lunch to take away, including my favourite Halva!

My tour guide, my doctor, the man behind my delicious breakfast... All in all, these are my wonderful hosts in Tokat who gave me a safe heaven to recuperate and took superb care of me.
Çok teşekkür Ismail, Mahmut & Yufkaci!!! Can I come back to play again??? 
Also thanks Ismail for dragging himself out of bed to escort me off the city.


 I didn't know the campsite that I was supposed to get to was another 20km ascend from the town. It was getting dark and I was still 9km away from the campsite... was pushing my bike by then, I was tired + my almost recovering neck, my moral was pretty low until a man in his silver BMW stopped by and offered to give me a lift. He was a doctor from Niksar hospital, yes I've seen his card just to make sure. Thank you Dr Sezer for rescuing me. I think he almost turned green when my dirty bags sat on his leather seat and I think my bike also scratched (a little) his spotless car (glad he says its ok)
Arriving at the campsite, the manager, Tunay who has been waiting and wondering where I've been, kindly made me dinner, knowing that I must be hungry.

 Say hello to Oscar, ain't he beautiful? Did anyone tell you you have nice curls?

 View from the campsite. Thanks to Mahmut back in Tokat who made some contact so I get complimentary stay here.

 My home

 Some interesting facts about Niksar. Every walnut is cracked open in Niksar.... Really????

 Watching my cleaned clothes hang dry on the washing line has become one of my favourite moments. I must be crazy.. hahaha


 Hamit, the very nice guy at the campsite who make sure I don't starve

 Bikers from Czech Republic! They hope to bike to Armenia eventually.

 Dude, the road is too dangerous for you.. don't try to cross it ok.

 Nice picnic spot

 Not the road I'm taking but that is one steep road.


 Through various sources, I eventually found someone at the very last minute who could host me in Unye but because he wasn't in town, he arranged for his friend, Ibrahim to receive me. Thanks Murat! Murat says 'No one stays outside in his city'. I was very, very touched... really. 
When I met Ibrahim, he asked if I was hungry, I said yes and he quickly took over pushing my bike and led me to a nearby place for dinner then bought me lots of food and sort out my lodging amidst his work. 

 Well rested to start another new day. 
Oguzhan my original host who was unable to host me kindly took me out for breakfast in the morning. Although it was a brief meeting, thanks for dropping by.

 I never thought someday I will park my bike like this in a supermarket.

Ibrahim, my supermarket personal shopper who gave me so much food to take away at no cost (Btw, he works here.) Ibrahim, you are a star! Hope to return someday to visit you and meet Murat.

10 May 15: 65.65km [Sunny]
11-12 May 15: 0km [Recuperating]
13 May 15: 69.45km [Sunny]
14 May 15: 0km [Recuperating]
15 May 15: 87.74km [Sunny]

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