Monday, 31 October 2016

Day 839-852: To Danyang, S.Korea

Towards Peace dam

 Mickey mouse look-a-like

 Peace dam... lots of construction works going on while I was here... before coming I was just imagining stopping here and finding a nice peaceful place to put my tent up but nah...
Now I'm very close to N.Korea border

It felt like land was devoted exclusively to agricultural use as wherever theres land they are growing something

Right by the edge of Seoraksan Mountain

Being close to N.Korea... Military presence are common... see the black stuff by the road...usually they camouflaged by the roadside in the bushes... sometimes it felt like every 100m I saw them hiding... which made peeing a problem for me when I was in the mountains

 Woohoo... the east coast!! Lets roll down, down, down



Dried seafood

Arrowroot drink store

Ojingeo Sundae (squid sausage)... supposedly only available in Sokcho... the squids are stuffed then sliced up and pan fried with eggs.... 

Korean's pancake... hmm I haven't tried this... yet

The hand drawn ferry that takes you across to Abai village where the north korean expats lived

Sundae gukbap..blood sausage cooked with innards and glass noodles... served with rice and banchans

Don't forget to help yourself to some free coffee after meal... 

Some locals randamly shared this with me... forgotten the name but its made of sticky rice and seaweed

Typically the price of this starts from 10,000w but I manage to find cheaper versions at the traditional market... only in reason not to try right

And I found this tasty pumpkin juice made with sweet rice


 Boring... boring road

 Sorry.. beach not accessible all the time... will be used for military operations

 Squids hung dry like clothes

 Surrounded by pine trees and probably 100m away from the sea

Enjoying the sea and sound of splashing waves especially when there are nobody around

 Waiting to surf the wind

 Fishcake with ramen

  For a change from noodle... rice is served

 A kind of steamed rice cake topped with beans and sweet potato

 On a good day... the east coast is beautiful

 Most part of the coast are fenced up... 

A change from the east coast... Turning in from Gangneung and into the mountains 

 Just came up from that far end where the coast is



 Lots of chilli peppers

 Waking up to frost, frozen water and sub-zero temperature, wasn't even high altitude

 Almost midday... only just about able to sip some water


18 Oct 16: 47.41km [Sunny]
19 Oct 16: 48.95km [Sunny]
21 Oct 16: 52.82km [Cloudy]
24 Oct 16: 39.97km [Cloudy]
26 Oct 16: 53.39km [Cloudy]
30 Oct 16: 53.2km [Sunny]
31 Oct 16: 28.37km [Rain]
01 Nov 16: 63.71km [Sunny]
02 Nov 16: 28.84km [Sunny]

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