Friday, 11 November 2016

Day 853-861: To Mokpo, S.Korea

The road looks flat in the photo but only my legs know..
15%! Get the legs and heart pumping!

 Mungyeong region grows lots of Omija (five flavor berry) but they have already been harvested

otherwise these berries look like this.. grow in bunches off wooden vines like the grapes
Photo courtesy from the great www

 Wine made wth Omija... Down a bottle and get a good night sleep :)
Since Omija is usually use for medicinal purpose, I'm wondering if this is a medicinal drink.. 
anyway I've already finished a bottle... *hic hic*

 Apple region and they are in season too

 Korea's apples are huge and cost starts from USD1.70 each... I can't afford to eat apples here *sobs*
The apples that look almost too pefect.. do you reckon it is the work of pesticide?

 Rows and rows of apple trees... no fencing... I was cycling so close and had to refrain myself from stretching my hand out to pick one

 Nice lake


 Lots of factories like this dotted around this area

 Going closer

 Persimmons.... oh my love! Hanging them off to get them ripe

 Sometimes I wonder if farmers have some kind of obessions (in a good way)... they are so neat... especially when their crops grow in straight lines

Beautiful sunset while passing through a village... priceless


The protector

 More apple trees farm and I noticed rows of bells tied above the trees

 I didn't managed to find out what these bells are for but it was nice hearing the bells ringing on and off while I was cycling in this area

 Found this in supermarket and I only saw them once... said to be traditional korean snack... this is pumpkin flavour... 

quite addictive chewing on them but my advice is its not for people for false teeth


Passing through Jinju city, gonna try Jinju's bibimbap... here they use raw beef as compared to the usual vegatables


 Koreans typically lived in apartments

 where there is river passing through a city, you'll usually find cycle path 

 Jinju fortress

For the remaining 2-3days, I've planned to check out the western river cycle path for a change before my mainland cycling stint comes to an end

Posh toilets, one of the privilege of using cycle path

 Pavilions are everywhere and a convenient place for a night


 I almost roll onto you... are you dead or alive?

 Nope I didn't spot any ottos

Just follow the blue lines

 Persimmon trees everywhere... I see them everyday

On the other side of the river is a road and previously I saw a sign saying scenic road starts here...
My view on this side ain't that bad either eh

 A mini van driver drove up and gave me a bottle of water and a big ball of Gyeongdan...mmm just when I was feeling hungry... Thank you!

 Not something for me but for those who are going after the medal for completing the cycle route... you'll find these booth along the pathway where you are required to collect the required stamps 

 How convenient

What do you think this looks like?
Its bike chain... yes it was constructed with the impression of bike chain

Met this 50yo maths teacher who decided to ride with me to my destination... it was about 80km for him and he said he'll take a bus back home


From north west to up north, to the east, back to the central part, down south and to south west... Mokpo is the last city that I'll cycle on main land... 

 Hiking up Yudalsan

 Found a buddhist rock carving

Sculpture park

 Impression of southerners.. square face?

Common sights of city by the coast

 A grandma's gifts for me.. baked sweet potato and apple juice...
Again totally random!

Sujebi (hand torn noodle)


 Remember the teacher who cycled with me yesterday? He went back, read my blog and took a train back to look for me as he wanted to take a picture and he also brought me lots of stuff for winter and some vitamins.. 

 Then he invited me for dinner... my first ever grilled pork meal in Korea

 Thanks for coming back with gifts!

03 Nov 16: 63.94km [Sunny]
04 Nov 16: 68.92km [Sunny]
05 Nov 16: 82.2km [Sunny]
06 Nov 16: 52.56km [Cloudy]
07 Nov 16: 78.31km [Sunny]
08 Nov 16: 91.47km [Cloudy]
09 Nov 16: 129.99km [Sunny]

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