Monday, 17 October 2016

Day 820-838: To Chuncheon BUT back to Seoul again, S.Korea

Dinner time!

My front rim decided to gave up after 28months... so I had to go back to Seoul to get a new one built but before that I'll have to ride to the next city and find a place to park my bike


 They are everywhere and they are huge  ''yiks''

 A scene of a popular drama was film here... 

 The 2 artists who film in that popular drama

 Dakgalbi street, lined by restaurants serving dakgalbi

 Dakgalbi is Chuncheon specialty and I can't help it but to try

 It looks like a huge portion but I polished it off..... guessed I can skip a few meals after this

Treated to a night of beer session with some friends... Cass, one of korean's favourite beer...
 blurry night blurry photo... haha


Back to Seoul and my Sister is in Town!!!

First family meal treat!

Stayed at jjimjilbang (Korean bathhouse/sauna) so she can relax after the long flight



Bulgogi and grilled fish meal

Seoul fireworks festival - display from Japan, Spain and Korea... Impressive and romantic night


Her hair accessories is made of wood... gosh wonder if royaltes have neck problem in the past

 Back to Bukchon Hanok village

 New and old

 Whose your idol?

 Tradition tea house... 

 Sis's artistic shot

 Tea and freshly steam pumpkin cake.. chilling out with sis is great

Octopus bibimbap and tofu stew

 Green tea latte and grean tea cake... you can find all green tea related stuff here


Suanbo - known for its hot springs!Since thousands of years, frequent by emperors and presidents

 Their local specialty here is Pheasant but it was toooo expensive to try them out

 Dried persimmon in S.Korea are good...I prefered them compared to the Chinese dried version

No Pheasant but this wasn't a bad alternative ya... we can now skip meals for 2 days


A well preserved traditional village

 Traditional mask dance
 The butcher

 The old woman

 Young bride

 The concubine

 The buddhist monk

 The scholar

 The scholar servant 

 The aristocrat

 The aristocrat servant


Village church, korean style

 Guess what this is

 Its the ''roof'' of the walls


600 years old zelkova tree

 Persimmon season! Lots of my favourite fruit dotted all over

 Took a hike to get a view of the village

 Traditional homestay

 They even heat up the house for us... it was so comfortable sleeping on the heated floor that we only woke up 12hrs later


Breakfast: Korean red bean porriage with rice balls and mandu (dumplings)


Noryangjin Fish Market... 
apparently you can find everything name it they have it

 Live abalones

 So fat


More octopus... think they eat these live

Fresh from the market... Abalone.. :)

 What you looking at?


 Times up! We only managed to finish the base of the mini cooper

 It was fun though and the pistachio fruppe was goooodddddd..

 Enough of eating out... we went home to make our own meal... korean style


 Cat's cafe... they have all kinds of cats except the kind that sis and I like

Like a carpet


 Merely went in to take a picture with her... wonder whats the hype about this store?

 Street food :)

 Spending our last day doing nothing but playing lego.... haha...its very addictive and fun!
ByeBye sis.... 
thanks for dropping by with all the goodies and my rim... chilling and fattening me up
Till we meet again xoxo


 Spanking new wheel too clean and sparkling.... time to roll some dirt on!

Thanks Erica for introducing ''Take out Bike'' shop.... its a little far but well worth it. 

Time to go back on the road!

29 Sept 16: 68.88km [Cloudy]
30 Sept 16: 32.16km [Cloudy]


  1. I love the bicycle paths at the top. How widespread are they?

  2. Enough for a car to drive through :)

  3. What a great cycling journey you make over the world so far, impressive! A visit from family loads the inner battery! Enjoy you're journey.

    1. Thanks Gert. Indeed, its always nice to see family!