Friday, 29 July 2016

Day 745-758: Xiahe to Xian, China

Labrang Monastery

 Love the details

 Tibetans offering prayers

 Monk chanting on the roof

 Monks chanting on the steps of Great prayers

 Yak yogurt... yum... try it without sugar

 Sweet dream

 Phuntshok & his wife from Hu Jian Han Ta Hostel, lovely Tibetans... thanks for the free stay :)


 Liu Qia Xia Reservoir 

 Yellow river 

 Practising calligraphy with water

 Sheep skin float... used in olden days to cross the river...

 A very common scene in China... dancing in public

 Zhongsan bridge...the first bridge built over yellow river

Yong Lin, whom I met at Phuntshok place hosted me in Lanzhou with his friend who took turns to show me around the city. Yong Lin even waited for me the day before in Linxia to buy me lunch at a fancy restaurant with a bunch of friends and came to pick me at on his friend's bike even though I've arrived late at night

 Melons season

 Lanzhou is famous for its Beef lamian and this... is my breakfast


 A cooling noodle eaten in the summer with sourish soup base - Jiang Shui Mian


 Lost pup?

Overturn truck... driving too fast!


 No cars because the road was block off for road works ahead... I just decided to go ahead and not take diversion

My name on the shop front... didn't know I opened a shop here

27km to Xian!
 Xian wasn't part of my plan but because of a new friend I met in Xining... I decided to change my plan and pay her a visit.

19 Jul 16: 106.12km [Sunny]
20 Jul 16: 120.8km [Sunny]
21 Jul 16: 26.86km [Cloudy]
22 Jul 16: 62.62km [Sunny]
23 Jul 16: 89.92km [Cloudy]
25 Jul 16: 80.19km [Cloudy]
27 Jul 16: 110.13km [Sunny/Rain]
28 Jul 16: 156.27km [Sunny]
29 Jul 16: 151.31km [Sunny]

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