Sunday, 14 August 2016

Day 759-774: Xi'an, Huashan to Luoyang, China

City wall 

 Community board, written with chalk on blackboard

 Shaanxi folk shadow figure sourvenir, this showing groom (left) and bride (right)

 Drum tower - beat at sunset to indicate end of the day

 Bell tower - strick at the start of the day


 Looks new because this was a reconstructed gate of the Daming Palace 

 An impression of the palace... this palace is in fact 4.5times larger than the imperial palace in Beijing... unfortunately there is only ruins left

 Music fountain show by the wild goose pagoda square


Mausoleum of the Qin Emperor

 The mausoleum started construction work soon after he took the throne at the age of 13... the warriors that are constructed to guard his tomb is just part of the mega sizes underground 'imperal' palace

 This excavated pit itself contain more than 6000 figures

 Every one is unique with different expression

 The state when they were being excavated

 The original blocks that were still in superb condition

 Restoration work onging, putting bits and pieces back together

Entrace into the pit... there were still marks of the chariots


 When in Xi'an, just eat... I've tried everything above thanks to my friend, Cheng Pei.

 Process of making candy with hot sugar...

 Chilli shop

 Fancy eating some lotus flower seed?

 Giant sized peaches

 Home-made dumplings by Cheng Pei's mum

 Cheng Pei's made steam egg custard for breakfast

Home-made green bean soup perfect for summer which I have been craving

My new from CP, the BingBing has companion

 Missing her 2 adorable furballs... PaoPao and TangTang

 With Cheng Pei (whom I met in Xining) in black shirt and family... his dad went out and bought me some snacks to take on the road... I'm glad I came and can't thank them enough for their hospitality and letting me have a chance to visit the mausoleum


After CP sent me out of the city on her bike... I met another bunch of cyclists who were on their way to the mountain nearby...we shared tales and lunch together before saying goodbye...


 My host woke up at 0630hrs in the morning to make me breakfast and also prepared crepes for me to take away for lunch

 She randomly stopped me on the street and invited me home for the night so I can meet her daughter to share my tales with her

 Her lovely daughter


On the way to Huayin, where you can climb Mount Hua (one of the 5 great mountains of China)

Map of the route up Huashan

 City view

 Lets go! The gate into the Mountain

 For blessings

 Taoist temple

 Thousands and thousands of steps to get to the top...highest peak @ 2154.9m

 Pathway on the ridge

 Whatever you lot wish for, I hope it'll come true

 ''The first nuptial mountain''

 Weather changed very quickly and it started to fog and rained heavily

07 Aug 16: 64.31km [Cloudy]
08 Aug 16: 61.94km [Sunny]
12 Aug 16: 94.46km [Sunny]
13 Aug 16: 69.69km [Sunny]
14 Aug 16: 113.49km [Sunny]


  1. Hello Phoebe, after reading you're interview with pushbikegirl Heike I'm going to follow you're journey and reading you're blog. Save traveling Gert Kamphuis

    1. Cheers Gert. I don't write much so just sit back and enjoy the photos.

  2. The internet is a very powerful thing. Always amazed by the adventures u go on. Hope you are safe and healthy :)

    1. Oh no...I forgot to reply your mail. Was in China for months and gmail ain't working properly cos restricted there. Congrats on being a dad. Thank you..keep it quiet ya! ha.

    2. haha , i didnt spread it on but i think quite a few of our common friends know about it. blame facebook. How long is ur journey to go around the world?