Friday, 15 July 2016

Day 730-744: To Xiahe, China

Arriving Xining - Dislike predalling into city

 Dongguan mosque in Xining also the largest in this region

 The muslim bazaar near the mosque

 Yogurt in Xining is good

 Top and bottom - Signs of Malaysian presence... I wonder why in Xining

 Hostel boss from Golmud was in town and took me out for dinner....

 These signs...hmmm... 

 Then the next day we had dinner with his friends... it was my most sumptous dinner for a long while

 And of course in such environment, there is alot of toasting and drinking involved... Luckily I managed to hold my drink *phew*


A short trip to Lushar town

 Kumbum Monastery

 These paper lungta are usually spread from high places where they will be scattered by wind and the good energies will be spread all over... like peace, compassion, happiness etc

 Hostel boss took me out for spin and we went to a place that I can't tell you where... furthermore there ain't any tourists or entrance fees to pay... just a pity the weather wasn't on our side

 Some of the friends I met... please don't ask why we are posing like that...haha
One of them persuade hard for me to go Xian where she will host me

 Regular dinner that I had with the staff

 Drinking session with the peeps at the hostel

Birthday treat from my sister... COFFEE TREAT! Yeah!

 Hostel Boss bought me a cake on my birthday! 

 All pack and ready to hit the road after numerous days in Xining...  
And I was lucky to befriend the 'Boss' who charged me nothing and even fed me

 Tulip and Wang Tong... Unfortunately the boss was away for family matters and I couldn't thank him for hosting me for such a lonnnng time.... If not for the boss from Golmud I wouldn't have know this place as they were friends... haha

With Hao Lin

 Uncle Lin stopped me along the road and invited me to lunch...gave me braised meat and fruit beer to take away... problem was... I had to roll downhill again to the eating place and pedal back up again

 Shelter for the night...away from the rain



 The clean version of Yellow river

 I thought I was discreet... then the sheppard who sported me from the mountain across the river came over to check me out and asked if I'm afraid etc... he left... then 2 other farmers came and asked if I'm afraid, have I eaten if not their house is just a few kilometer ahead...I love to but I've already pitched my tent and all settled... and to be honest...I'm more afriad that I've been noticed by human!

 Tibetain village

 Lovely tibetian kids who said hello

 Its the first time I saw a sign that is so precise... Altitude @ 3643.66m

 I haven't met foreign cyclists in a while... Here's Barbara and Fransica from Switzerland on a 2mth tour

 Pedalling up, up, up to get a bird eyes view

 Last 9km before reaching Xiahe... Road under construction... and its descend... a descend that I can enjoy rolling down

12 Jul 16: 55.89km [Sunny]
13 Jul 16: 65.04km[Rain]
14 Jul 16: 59.35km [Rain/Sun]
15 Jul 16: 77.27km [Sunny]

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