Thursday, 30 June 2016

Day 723-729: Crossing the 20,000km mark in Qinghai - China

A night under the bridge... not very nice when you have trucks passing through above throughout the night

Everyone is going to Lhasa except me... just because ''I-am-foreigner''

This night I wasn't alone... party under the bridge with a motorcyclist who was finishing his trip and heading home and the other cyclist who will tour around China for a year

Soft sand and my loaded bike is a big no no... luckily I have their help :)
Even took Shi quite an effort to ride his motorbike back on the road

Can't help but notice he brought a broom at the back of his bicycle

Us Trio!

Up and down roller-coaster

Oh my.... am I done with sand???


 I was sleeping under the motorway on the far right...

 Prayer flags commonly seen by the motorway to blessed the surrounding


 Glimpse of Chaka lake from far

 Hitting the 20,000km mark at Chaka town and celebrating it over a 6yuan coffee at the gas station

 And Chaka town is famous for its salt lake

Into Qinghai Lake region


 I was so cold coming down from the mountain that I had to stop for hot tea

 Tibetian tea and Tsampa (made of roasted barley flour, butter, hot water, sugar and dried cheese mix together by hand)
Great for cyclists as its very filling 

 With lovely tibetian mama

 Approaching Qinghai Lake

Stellera Chamaejasme - Poisonous roots that even the animals stay away from them

 Plenty of expensive restaurants for tourists

 Qinghai lake is dotted with yurts and being fenced up which makes getting near the lake difficult

Honey for sale


 0612hrs in the morning... enjoying the sunrise at Qinghai lake from my tent

 The air smells good when I was cycling along the lake
What kind of honey you prefer? 

 A section of cycle path by the road but I very quickly went back cycling on the road... somehow I'm more comfortable on the road

 She is Wang Qing... a little younger than me. For the past 2 days I've been seeing this motorbike passing me or vice versa but we never stopped for each other... in the next town after the lake I heard a voice asking me to stop and rest... and this is how we met, eventually. She was waiting for me! 
Just just got her bike license a year ago and decided to quit her job now as she felt the road is calling... so now she is tour with her adopted dog Liulian and going to Dali. Our meeting was short but it felt like shes a friend I wanted to keep... We parted our ways soon after as the sky wasn't looking great and we should hit the road. Then I saw her caught up with me again... she said she took a little diversion just so we can cross path again... how sweet.

 Notice movement by the road and I found these little fur balls

 Ri Yue Shan - Sun and Moon mountain


 油菜花 - Rapeseed, for making oil

24 Jun 16: 96.2km [Cloudy]
25 Jun 16: 78.43km [Cloudy, Rain]
26 Jun 16: 113.58km [Sunny]
27 Jun 16: 115.42km [Sunny]
28 Jun 16: 89.58km [Sunny]
29 Jun 16: 119.04km [Cloudy]
30 Jun 16: 54.24km [Sunny]

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