Friday, 31 July 2015

Day 384-393: Tehran & Isfahan

Tajrish traditional market

Zeytoon Parvardeh - olive with pomegranate & walnut paste

The tiles wrote: Believers are men whom neither commerce nor sale diverts from the remembrance of god.
Hmm don't understand.

Brain washed? Wonder why are these walnut being soaked

Tehran's metro - women have their own carriages if they don't want to use the mixed carriages 
I was fascinated by the people coming on and off the metro selling stuff and that people actually buys them... tissue, light bulbs, tooth paste, tooth brush, biscuits, jewellery, socks, scarfs etc you can easily find your daily knick knacks on board the metro

Always arrived home to delicious home cook by Noushin's mum

Thanks to Mahsa another local friend whom I didn't managed to spend more time with but still kindly took me to the bike shop to stock up some stuff - the whole street lined with bicycle shops is roughly located here: 35.668453, 51.396409

Time for some cleaning and maintenance - spreading out on the roof top

At our embassy with First & Third secretaries - Mr Ridzuan, Mr Hasny & Mr Syed Munir Anuar

Later on our First secretary Mr Ridzuan called me for an invitation to a Malaysian gathering
woohoo...  home cooked Malaysian food

Malaysia's expats

Tehran’s new Grand Musalla still under construction after many years

Carrot jam - I was expecting more but I can taste sugar more than carrot

 Tehran's bazaar

 These carts come with registration plates

 I didn't find my flying carpet :(

 What is this?

 Golestan Palace - ticket is expensive so only capture from the outside

Abgoosht / Dizi - a very hearty lamb stew. First you pour out the broth, then you mash the remaining stuff in the pot and eat it with flat bread

 Oldest confectionary in Iran

 Its heavenly here. Thanks to Aaron we get to bring home some pasteries.

 Forgotten the name of this place but we just chanced upon this when I was marvelling at the details outside the entrance

 Spread of homecook thanks to Aaron (fellow Malaysian expat) including my favourite Okra, stir fried beehoon, bak-ku-teh, curry and trying out a new dish - lamb's heart. Thanks for being the big brother showing me around and walking so much with me under the sun.

 Tehran's night view

 Groceries shopping with Noushin's mum, dad and sister


Noushin's family. Thanks to Noushin, a tourng cyclist friend who is on the road yet still try to help me with my visa application and later on having her family taking care of me. Thank you is not enough but still Big Thanks. I have to say Noushin mum bought me my biggest cone ice cream I ever have on the road - 3 massive scoops!


Was invited by Rahele & her mum to visit Isfahan when I met them at Mohammad's place previously along the Caspian sea.
Si-o-Seh Pol (The Bridge of 33 Arches)

Persian carpet... another common item seen on the wall of Iranian home

My shop?

Don't understand why this drink is named London rocket seeds

Naqsh-e Jahan Square


Bazaar entrance

I really really like this bike bag but don't see any shop selling them

Dome of the bazaar


Silver flowers - commonly seen in houses here

 Ali Qapu Palace
 So pretty!

 Shah Mosque

  Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

 Sugar candies - put one in your mouth when you drink tea


 Si-o-Seh Pol (The Bridge of 33 Arches) by night

 Ttempted to rip off the police plate hehe

 Dinner at Rahele's mum's place for some home made Kufteh

 Not sure what this is called but its a sweet dessert made of saffron and rice

 Rahele's family and her mum. Thanks for taking time to show me around.

 Persian flat bread

 Vank Cathedral - thanks to my friend, Raheleh, I get to visit this beautiful church. Its located at Armenia quarter and its here where many Armenian resettled during the Ottoman war

 Armenian costumes

 Marvelling at buildings again (my strange habit?)

 Goodbye little angel. Love spending time with you during my stay here in Isfahan. She was upset when I was about to leave :(


  1. hi...very inspired to see you, a fellow female, cycling solo. And so you've met with Noushin's family. I hosted Noushin and Clive when they were in KL and I can just imagine the kind of hospitality that Noushin's family would extend to you. Noushin herself is a great cook with such a great personality. Cheering you on :D

    1. Glad to hear that! Yes lovely family... Noushin's mum a great cook too.