Thursday, 9 July 2015

Day 367-371: To Meghri

 Waking up to a good view and taking a stroll around the place before setting off




A lake. Sun is setting soon but I am determined to find a spot to camp with a lake view!


I planned to start early but end up sitting here longer enjoying the view and warm morning sun

Lots of bee farmers in this area

 Honey for sale

 Stacked dunks

 Not sure what is this...

 Neverending rolling up and down everyday



 12% asphalt descend for most of the way & 12% gravel ascend for the last 5.6km to Tatev. It was tough.

 Having been to Hell's village in Norway, I'm now crossing Devil's bridge in Armenia

Tatev villlage

This is...?

 Tatev Monastery


The popular viewpoint of the monastery

 Long stretch of unpaved road

 Mini fountain from a burst pipe but I don't want to get wet on a cloudy day.. 

Treat myself to a cake when the clock struck 12... Happy birthday!



 Meghri fortress

05 Jul 15: 58.45km [Sunny]
06 Jul 15: 68.53km [Sunny]
07 Jul 15: 51.17km [Cloudy]
08 Jul 15: 74.67km [Sunny]


  1. Thank you for sharing. You inspire me.

  2. Thanks for putting a smile on me... Your message keeps me going