Monday, 16 March 2015

Day 252-257: Out of Greece, To Bitola

Last Chapter of Greece... towards Niki Customs to Bitola, Macedonia

 I have safely passed through many 'dogs checkpoints' in Greece since restarting my ride from Ioannina. At peak I had 7 dogs barking and chasing me that I had to get off my bike to walk more than 1km. But just when I was 1km away from the border, a dog charged out and barked crazily... before I could stop to get off my bike it jumped and bite something from behind... I could feel a pull behind... Luckily no damaged and the dog backed off after I stopped.

 Finishing Greece at 9061km... getting nearer to my first 10,000km


Goce, my host from Macedonia came to the border so we could cycle together to his village

 Refuelling time. Boza (fermented cereal flour drink) + cake
 Byrek! Nice to see you again...

 Homemade pancake with cheese & herbs for dinner + beer
 Homemade wine
 Home grown pumpkin + homemade chocolate coated dates stuffed with cashew nuts :)


Left my 'luggages' at Goce place and we rode to Ohrid together to visit his friend for the weekend

 Around Resen area... lots of apple farms

Locals selling apples outside their house

 Me like this car!


Us with a random kid haha - Ohrid lake behind us

 Goce's friend Sace, me & Goce

 Beer by Ohrid lake... not local brand so its covered up


3 of us rode along the lake, towards south of Ohrid, near the border to Albania

 St Naum Monastery

 St Naum

 Lake Ohrid

Goce setting up bike service shop??? Everyone came to borrow his pump

 Sace enjoying the sun

Lake Ohrid

The guys having a chili/hot pepper challenge at night. Sace let me pack some of the dried red chilli


 On our way back to Bitola, we detoured to Lake Prespa

 Delicious dinner prep by Goce dad + homemade pumpkin cake for dessert

 Said to be Macedonia's hottest

Gonna check out how to make these


 Walked round the village before walking into the city and also checked out the old houses... time have stopped inside

 His grandfather's bike

 One pillar supporting the roof

 I packed some in my bag... hehe

 Their secret stash of homemade Raki

 Maybe existed since the war time

 Goce's dad garden! Many veggies and fruits


 At their vineyard
 Father & son bonding :)

 Uhoo keeping watch

 Annoying sights!

 Last year's tabacco?


 Seller says this purple veg is good for salad

 Having a drink with Goce's friend Victor
 Macedonia's Dark and Light beer


My mascot/buddy HaHa's cousin is stuck on the fence :(


 Sumptuous breakfast + vitamins before I hit the road! Thank you Goce and your Papa for everything!!!

11 Mar 15: 55.26km [Rain]
12 Mar 15: 62.24km [Cloudy]
13 Mar 15: 76.47km [Cloudy]
14 Mar 15: 57.13km [Cloudy with occasional sun]
15 Mar 15: 98.51km [Cloudy with occasional sun]
16 Mar 15: 0km

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