Sunday, 8 January 2017

Day 1010-1018: To Kyoto, Japan

Lots of tunnels in Japan

 Ice ice baby

 Everyone hangs this on their door for the New Year

The decision to divert away from the coast and ascend a few hundred metres up leads me to road closure...I was still wondering why the road was so quiet and thats because everyone knew the road was closed except me? 7km to a village on this road.... lets give it a go and I think some cars did sneak through too... shhhhh

 Here we go!

 Fresh tracks... they are probably watching me somewhere

Luckily I'm not turning right... thats definitely a no go. 


 Rolling down, not knowing if it will be ice or snow on every bend... almost forgotten to breath...

New year's dinner

 Daily morning essential - coffee time
Happy New Year!

So ya... thats how I spent my New year, I slept over it.




Will be nice if this road turn into U.S

Morning mist...  always makes a place so mysterious.

 Look how the branch of this tree is stretching horizontally to the right

So quiet...

Very quiet

Extremely quiet

Its just you and me mate.

 A handwritten board at a T-junction wishing everyone Happy New Year.


Ine, a little fishing village, probably the last remaining place to find traditional wooden houses - Funaya

 Not a single human - it was too early, raining and people are still having new year break?

Tidying up fishing nets are such a chore

Watch out for school kids sign, Japanese style

  Ine Mukai distillery... whats unique about this distillery is that the sake is made from female distiller, one of the first in Japan

 WHAT! Noooooo..... Close today!! Last minute closure!

 Went on a hunt for their sake and finally found them in one shop - This is Ine Full Bloom and whats special about this is that its made from fermented red rice which is rare in Japan

 Got stopped by a local man who pointed to the fishing port trying to tell me something was going on there... Fishermen catch of the day - Tuna!
My lucky day? I stood watching with amusement for a long time

* Warning * If you find it gross, you gonna scroll through quickly.



Catergorised into different size

They clean the fish with water, a small knife and a spoon, cut the tail off and boxed the fish with the cut tail

Hungry birds looking for a feast

The...the sign is bowing... its bowing!
You know what? Instead of apologies, I kinda want to thank you for making good the road! 

 This house is structurally dangerous

Tsunami evacuation this way

''Roof details'' - there is even a fishing rod 

 Shiba o shiba, can I cuddle you?..... reminds me of a friend in Norway

Kono Shrine, an important shrine in this region.

Amanohashidate at Miyazu, said to be one of Japan's 3 scenic view

 Basically you have to bend over and look between you legs like this
so it looks like a pathway between heaven and earth
Many took the cable car up but there is also steps that lead up to the top from the side... pity it wasn't a clear day - the strip of sand bay in the middle is the Amanohashidat, its bike friendly too

Tengu mask / legendary celestial dog, a mini-god

Fish cake grilled on bamboo over charcoal, their specialty here

Black bean coffee


You can cycle across the sand bay and there are shelters like this on it...
maybe perhaps you can sleep here and you did not hear this from me... shhh

Chionji Temple - a temple for wisdom, academic and success

  Rows of old shops probably over 60yrs outside the temple specialising in Chie no mochi. Rice cake with red bean paste
It is said that eating Chie no mochi gives you wisdom though I don't feel any wiser maybe I haven't eat enough balls of these but they are too expensive for more... a taster will do as I like mochi

Old Mikami family house - once a leadng merchant in town
The interior of the house


Checking out a seafood market

The flag says Originator
Close to Route 27 in Maizuru

Originator of beef korokke

 Just out from the fryer - mmmm

View from my front porch 


 Warning for snow??

 Obama town

This was my home last night - cosy enclosed bus stop

The bus stop has cushion, biscuit and a clock

Like my bedroom?


Tanuki often seen outside shops and sometimes houses.. believed to bring good fortune

A brief chat with him telling me about the road from Obama to Kyoto ie Saba Kaidou / Mackerel Road... Because Kyoto is a landlock city, seafood especially Mackerel from Obama used to be transported through this road to Kyoto in the old days

And it ended with him offering me his snacks before he went on a hike

The hiking route and there is also a camp ground opposite

 Another rainy day, arriving in Kyoto.... I wished I had an umbrella too.

After all the rain and looking at the forecast for the west, I decided to abandon my original plan and go towards sunshine in the east! Thus arriving in Kyoto now and onwards to Tokyo direction.

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  1. Love those misty scenes!

    As for the huts, if I ever end up sleeping in one, and get caught, I won't rat on you. :)