Friday, 20 January 2017

Day 1019-1030: Kyoto to Nagoya, Japan

Fushimi Inari Taisha

Tying the sheet of paper omikujo that has ones fortune written in it for the upcoming year at the shrine ground... usually people who doesn't like what it says in it will tie them here

The route up to the peak


 This is how much it'll cost you to donate a torii

Yummy snacks.. Rice crackers and Yatsuhashi.. I prefer the raw ones than the bake Yatsuhashi especially the black sesame / sweet potato / matcha flavoured ones

Kinda a must eat in Japan especially when Uji (where matcha is famous for) is near Kyoto - Matcha ice cream with red bean and balls of mochi

Japanese traditional clothes

Different kind of Combs

On the way to Kiyomizu dera temple
And you can probably traced its history as far as 1200yrs back

Kyoto tower afar

There is also a match-making shrine within the temple compound.
The god who is in charge of love with her rabbit messenger

If you can walk from this stone to the other stone opposite, you'll find true love

Otowa waterfall - it is said that your wish will come true if you drink the water here

Monks performing rituals for business owners

Bicycle parking - neat

Plenty of pharmacies like this where you will find all sorts of medicines etc

There is no casino but lots of these slot machines places in Japan though I was told nowadays it is not as popular as before and many are closing down

Kamogawa river

Nishiki Market

Chance upon a place to enjoy some Issen-yoshoku, a kind of okonomiyaki
Checking out its wall decorations

Dig in!


Gion Quarter - a place where you'll find Geisha (traditional Japanese female entertainers), if you are lucky.... of course not in the day

She came out from a door in an alley, wonder if she is a geisha when night falls

Ichiriki Teahouse - the most famous, high end Geisha teahouse

I went back to Gion quarter in the night, hoping to bump into Geisha

And I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of not only maiko (apprentice) but a few geisha too


Street vendors near Gion quarter

Rituals performed on these branches for good fortune

Pay and get one

Lots of different types of talismans to purchase for studies, success, safety, love, ward off evil spirits etc


A corner of Nijo castle...
Closed for visitors on the day I was there

Sento Imperial palace - entry is only permitted if you book onto their free guided tour

Kyoto Imperial palace

Carriage house

Cypress wood roof

A close up view of a section of the roof
Look how they are held together... No nails.... they need to be replaced every 30yrs...and to replace the whole palace takes at least 25yrs.. so by the time they finished, they'll have to start again eh

Emperor enters through this gate

Photos of the interior of the main hall

Shishinden, where enthronement ceremonies take place

Shunko-den - a copper roof house where a sacred mirror is kept.

The place where the Emperor ''work''...

The place where they play traditional ball game called Kemari

Paintings on the panels of the sliding wooden door

As north east direction is considered unlucky for them, far on the mountain in the north east direction, they'll built a shrine there

Again because north east is an unlucky direction, the corner at the northeast side of the palace is built inwards with a guardian monkey placed under the roof here


Traditional pulled rickshaw for tourists

Arashiyama bamboo grove

Overlooking Katsura river

Rice with Yuba (tofu skin) + dishes cooked with whatever thats in season

Only ONE left and I'm seeing ''buy me'', ''buy me'' stamping all over the bottle


Snowing on the other side

Lake Biwa - largest lake in Japan

Think I'm expecting snow today

Holly cow... snow storm

Getting deeper each second

Path completely covered in snow

Unknowingly.... I was carrying lots of snow on my bike.. I went from trying to ride on the snow to getting off to push my bike

And it carried on snowing heavily for the next 2 days


In time for sunrise

Happy that the snow is clearing up



Stealing a glimpse of Nagoya castle


''I have a pen, I have an apple.... pineapple'' blah blah.....
Have you heard of his song? I find it annoying

Taiyaki - fish shaped cakes with fillings
This is stuff with mashed sweet potato.... so delicious

Nagoya is famous for its Uiro - made of rice flour and sugar and this is red bean flavour

Kishimen - a kind of thick flat noodle in soy sauce/miso broth cooked in clay pot

Hitsumabushi (eel dish) - you have to eat this in 3 separate ways. First, as it is..then you add the spices and lastly, you pour the soup over.

Tebasaki (chicken wing) on the left and Tenmusu on the right (shrimp tempura wrap in rice)
are another Nagoya staples... it was... so-so

My favourite part in a supermarket cos everything with yellow stickers are at discounted price..
food ain't cheap here so I'm always on a hunt for yellow stickers

Nagoya's version \^_^/