Monday, 19 December 2016

Day 889-999: To Izumo, Japan

Collecting my knives that were confiscated before boarding... I have finally arrived in Fukuoka Japan. 
Rolling out of the terminal and realised I'm on the wrong side of the road. I'm so not used to riding on the left side after being on the right side all this while... its weird... really weird.

 My first friend in Japan! Ryan from Canada just finished cycling here for 2 months and now heading home and I inherited his map! And can't help drooling over his Arkel stuff. 

 Christmas market, European style! Hot wine, hot wine!!! 😭 But nahh its over priced. 

 I wouldn't spend 100yen locking my bike this way, round the cable.. though Japan is claimed to be super safe.

 Strolling around Ohori park

 Vending machine outside your house... handy eh

 Castle ruins

 Cherry blossom in Spring time

 Tōchō-ji, a Shingon temple

 Japanese lanterns

 Their famous 'plastic' food display


 In search for Hakata Ramen
 Rich, creamy tonkotsu soup (pork broth) plus handmade ramen enjoy at your privacy.... its sooo good.
I have difficulty slurping the noodles like a Japanese


 Should be 108yen shop after tax... if you need cheap stuff

Interesting salt


A place to get Wed
 Very pink petrol station

 Sugar factory smells soooo good

Favourite snack... Natto!

 Nice to have shelter from the rain

 Some kind soul left me some food
Thank you!

The next morning, while at a convenient shop (doing my morning clean up, using wifi and reluctant to go out to the rain), one lady shopper came up and gave me this...sweets and heat pads and told me 'Gambatte' (word of encouragement)... ain't they lovely

 Found a huge Dorayaki filled with my favourite red bean paste

I was eyeing at the ''charging point'' below the sink instead of the view...
time to bring out the electronics to charge *shhhhh*


Towards Hagi... a formal castle town and captial of Mori Clan. Whats left now was castle ruins, many old streets, houses and samurai quarters... and they produced one of the finest pottery in Japan

Natsumikan - Oranges in this region... 

 Sharp corners of the streets were used to confuse enemies at times of invasions

 Always wash your hands before praying

 Playing with the little bit of snow they found on the street

 Freezing cold and the kiddos are still in short skirts... love their school bags though

 Mori's residence

 Hagi pottery shop

 Hagi fortress

 One of the gate into the castle town


 Rain water from the gutter flows down here...

 The magical heated table.... nice to be indoor after days of rain/hailstorm

Enjoying tea from Hagi made tea pot and cup.. mmm



Many self service laundry facilities around

 Nice to have lots of rest stop facilities.. they usually have shops selling local produced and I always go for a spin inside even though I'm not buying anything.. some even have Onsen.

 Lunch stop and a nice guy bought me a hot milk tea when I was standing in front of a vending machine

 Charging in progress


Home in a toilet with a private skylight... anything for a dry tent!

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