Thursday, 8 December 2016

Day 877-888: Jeju to Busan, S.Korea

Probably the work of nasty storm

 Jeju's horses, big head, thick neck and the ability to run on the rocky island without horseshoes

Authentic traditional village in Seongeup
 I just realised part of the popular drama Daejanggeum (Jewel in the Palace) was film on this island 

 Jeju traditional houses are unique to this island in a way that it was made of the volcanic stones readily available on this island and covered with soil.... thatched roofs were held down by ropes to overcome the strong wind and rain that is common here

 Black pig.... which is a delicacy of this island

 wherever I moved, he follows... cute

 The stone boy guardians

 Takes skills to stack this rocks don't you think


 Cool dude!

 Fancy ''toys'' on display outside this pension/restaurant

 Tombs on the slope of the hills

 View of Seongsan Ilchulbong


 Haenyeo !!! Free dive grandmothers.... they are the only 2 I saw from far throughout my time on the island... probably due to winter and the fact is very windy

 On my way to hike Darangshi Oreum

 I was so windy that I was almost in crawling position

 The large crater at the top

 Taking in a view... nice place to sleep in a bivvy when the weather is good


 The only traditional design cafe on this island

 If not for the signs that says for worship of gods... I would have thought this is a shelter

 Jeju's pork soup noodle... an eatery I found randomly and think this place has been going on for 3 generations

Jeju milk... nothing special haha.

Catching the sunrise at Seongsan Ilchulbong...if you come later in the day you'll pay entrance fee... but at this time in the morning the ticket office is still close so... its free ;)
Magic is happening..

  Oh my eyes hurt but I couldn't stop staring at you

 The crowd

 That is Udo island...many said its beautiful there but I didn't want to pay for the ferry

 This is how the top of the peak looks like

 Made from volcano rocks



 More stacking game

 So clear

 Big chair, small chair


 Lots of construction works going on... the island will slowly lost its charm

 One of the reasons why I spent such a long time in this country... LOL

 If I had wings...

 Fishing boats

 Black sand beach


 Jeju's market

 Pig's head


 Jeju's orange aka Hallabong... said to be one of the sweetest oranges you'll ever tried...
I'll never know though so can't vouch for it

 Markets in this country are really clean

Obunjagi - Bought fresh and live blue abalones from the market... @ USD3.50
''... they lives clinging to rocks about 20 meters under the water and around 70% of the total obunjagi found in Korea is from Jeju. The meat is full of calcium, iron and vitamin B...''
yummy! Just put them on your pipping hot soup off the fire and the hot steam will cook it perfectly

500w each - Jeju's buns... I love how they are so generous with the fillings

Jeju's very own beer brewed with local water and organic barley...fresh from the tap and only in Jeju

Bye Jeju!
Back to find my friends again and trying out their new recipe... Delicious!
Thanks for the spontaneous meet up...


Sleeping condition on the overnight ferry to Busan

Aww..ahjuma gave me sweets and fed me sweet potatos...
felt like a kid :)



Seokbulsa Temple


Gamcheon Village aka Santorini of the east


I didn't know these toy catcher machines are still popular these days...

Ssiat hotteok... I love these sweet pancakes with brown sugar fillings but whats different in Busan is they also add a variety of seeds in them...


Since its by the sea... its necessary to check out their fish market

Dried seaweed


A little about old Busan

The famous 168 steps... yup I've climb up and took the free monorail down...try the monorail, its fun


Beomeosa Temple


Geumjeong fortress

North gate

Ready for 360 view on top of Geumjeongsan? Highest peak in the region...

Godang-bong, highest peak in the region @ 801.5m

Spying on folks having their picnic

Spiral stairs that takes you to the peak

Abit of rock climbing on the way down?

Just getting myself lost in the woods

I've not tried them but these rice puff snacks are always sold in huge bags

Korea jjajangmyeon originate from China but adapted to Korea's taste which I prefered

I was just wondering what is so special about this 'famous' banana flavoured milk drink
taste rather artificial with the added flavor


I went with Camellia who had 40% off and procedure was easy and I could just row the bike onto the ferry without taking any bags off. They requested an onward destination booking details otherwise they say Japan may refuse my entry.
I also had to hand over my knife to them to be sealed in an envelop and collect them on arrival.

Jeju's grandfather statue protector mini version (dol hareubang) hanging off my saddle... I'm sure he'll protect me well! Thank you S.Korea! I couldn't explain why I spent such a long time while most probably left in 2 weeks but I really had a great time chilling out here.. be it the rides, the hikes and the blue blue sea..
<< 감사합니다 >>

27 Nov 16: 50.88km
29 Nov 16: 64.65km
02 Dec 16: 8.62km
08 Dec 16: 7.30km 

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