Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Day 691-699: Kashgar, Xinjiang - China

Its forbidden to ride from the Chinese border to Ulugqat so I had to take a shared taxi to the official checkpoint where my passport will get stamped.. I waited for awhile and luckily 2 couples from Netherland arrived to share a van with me... 150yuan each
By the time we reached the checkpoint, it was lunch time and we had to wait 2hrs before they reopen again.

Finally back on the saddle after custom clearance and it was around 6pm when I'm back on the main road to Kashgar... Decided to mad dash into th city, I arrived closed to midnight

 Id Kah Mosque

 Mao's statue


The old slum-like mud houses in Old Town, the best part Kashgar that I love getting lost in...I'm pretty sure I've covered all the small streets...haha


 Yucks.. cow's head

You probably won't have much time left to see this part of Kashgar... I read it gonna be demolished at some point... imagine houses where they have lived in for the past few generations will soon be torn down... one of the reason being it structurally unsound now

 Some background read

"Seal strip" ie this property is being sealed off... can't believe I'll still see this in modern days. I thought they only exist in ancient times.

 Apologies for the faint heart...

 Hat street

A background to the hats they wear

 100 year old tea house

 Their version of milk tea.... which consist of fresh milk, salt, tea, butter 

 Inside the tea house
 Traditionally you'll only see men in tea house...

 I did a test.. their naan can really last for a month or more. 


 The new version of Kashgar

 Typical past time


 Black goji berry - Benefits improve immune system, anti-ageing, prevent diabetes, anti-fatigue, protect your liver, clear blood vessels, reduce pressure etc

 Quality of black goji is guard by the colour of the water when you throw in a few of the berries

 While my friends were busy buying all those stuff... I happily sat there munching on dried fruits and nuts for free

 Massive dates wrapped with walnut - a typical snack


The Sunday Animal Market

 Watermelon season! 1yuan a piece...

 One cow is about 28yuan per kg
One sheep for 26yuan per kg
One donkey about 42yuan per kg

 DIY hat shade

 Her papa told her to look into my camera and she gave me a beautiful smile

 I can't help it.. had to stretch my hand out to have a feel of their ass

 My favourite man in the market.... he was so so so nice

 Must have hurt :(

 Sheep? Police dog?

The Food



 Xinjiang's kebabs are to die for...

 Lengmen... its good but I prefer Kygry's version

 Lamb soup

 My favourite snacking place... 1yuan per stick

 Bake eggs

 Polu, similar to central asia's Plov


Sheep leg



 More of sheeps' parts

 The head

 Fried fish

 Dessert - sticky rice, with date and poured over with syrup/yogurt... oh so good

 Creamy Uyghur ice-cream - yum


 Out cycling with new friends

 Watermelon break on a hot day. 8yuan for 1.

 Saw these in the supermarket... pig's nose and legs

 Feasting time!

 Not forgetting their oh-so-good Wusu beer

 Met another new bunch of young friends

Good yogurt but many Chinese prefers putting lots of sugar as they are not used to the taste

 Some special local herbal tea

I didn't know my childhood snack made it all the way to Xinjiang... the power of export

Thanks to this trio who woke up early to help me with my stuff carrying down from 3rd floor and sent me off :)

A glimpse of Kashgar famous Sunday animal market and traditional Uyghur dance

23 May 16: 105.31km [Drizzle]

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