Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Day 657-671: To Fairy Canyon via Karakol, Kyrgyz

Thorn o Thorn... after leaving you in the cold and dark for months... I'm really happy to reunite with you again. Time to prep you up but these 2 pups are in the way, happily chewing on me

Thanks to Aigul at Apple Hostel for letting me store my bike for such a long time.

2016 first camp in a nature reserve.... it was a stormy night.


Views riding out from my camp spot

Waking up to sunshine puts me in superb mood... last night storm was horrible though
Ahhh....look at this.... just wanna sit here longer with my coffee...


Half muddy half clean river?

Almost gave me a fright when they came up from behind. Meet Pete & Ola from Poland [http://slomianykapelusz.pl/] and Daniel from England

First camp spot along north of Issyk-kul.. tried hard to get to the lake but failed... this alternative option wasn't bad too eh


The mountains at south of Issyk-kul

Its really quiet

The clouds followed me everyday = lots of rainy days

Roadside sale

Shoooo dark clouds... go away!

Finally come close to the lake... My private beach by Issyk-kul

Home for 2 days because I got rained in on the 2nd day



Russian Orthodox Church in Karakol - beautiful wooden structure

@ Nice hostel, Karakol. Helpful owner, good wifi, equipped kitchen, area to clean bike and pitch tent
And I met Daniel, Pete, Ola and another swiss cyclists here. 5 tourer under one roof!


Onwards to south Issy-kul

The tomb stones looked like castles in the air

I prefer South of Issyk-kul than the north in terms of landscape

2km unpaved road off the main road, I arrived at Fairy Canyon in the rain.
Reckon Thorn is trying to blend in with its surrounding

I didn't venture much as it was already pouring down with rain

25 Apr 16: 76.86km [Sunny]
26 Apr 16: 66.07km [Cloudy]
27 Apr 16: 75.51km [Sunny/Rain]
28 Apr 16: 83.06km [Sunny/Rain]
30 Apr 16: 148.15k [Cloudy]
02 May 16: 100.41km [Cloudy]
03 May 16: 47.59km [Rain]

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