Friday, 15 January 2016

Day 527-562: "Winter break", Nepal [Part 2]


 Soon these pants will be out on the street for sale

 Relying on wood for cooking due to the fuel crisis

 Making mattress/blanket

A real boar on the chopping board

Lots of garlic

After quake rubbles

Prayer time

Around Durbar Square

Where the temple once stood

Temperary shelter for school

Fallen structures from the quake

Restoration in progress

Visible cracks caused by the quake

Nope didn't bump into the living goddess


Fruits sellers

 Around Patan

 Queuing up for water

 Watch the ground in case you step on the offerings


Love this stools... wished I can bring some home


 Sister in town!!! Look at the the treats she brought me.

Sister henna

Roadside momo feast

 Roadside masala tea session

 Checking out their yogurt

 At the ever popular Western Tandoori

 Tea sessions with sister just like good old times

 La Marzocco handmade coffee machine!!!

 Thanks sis again... been awhile since I had proper coffee


Sister fed me well

Tongba - hot millet based alcholoic beverage perfect for winter

 View from Kopan Monastery


Sis found a new friend

 Stupa destroyed by the quake

 Reconstruction ongoing

I was here on drips at this clinic years ago when I was young thanks to food poisoning. Nice to see its still here... remembering the times where they had to poke a thick needle through my vein and my blood flows back into the drip

 Buddha eyes


Spin it clockwise

Football field where children played covered in rubbish

Golden Buddha at Swayambhunath 

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