Friday, 15 January 2016

Day 527-562: "Winter break", Nepal [Part 1]

Spending a couple of weeks at a farm that was also affected by the earthquake

Their house that is now unsafe to live in

Pomelo tree


Sprouting cauliflower

Looking up from the farm

Digging ginger

Found some tumeric too

  Fruitful dug! 

They've been living in tents after the quake

The temporary bamboo kitchen / shed they've built... also where I slept too

My home

Cow shed was damaged

Other volunteers made this path

Helping with the daily food preperations... I think I can now make them myself too

The result of fuel crisis.. everyone had to cook wth wood

A kind of plum cooked with a sweet, sour and spicy taste

  Delicious dhal bhat twice a day

Making homemade honey raksi

The only thing to keep us warm for awhile 

Father and son from France having their daily battle over chess

Us with Saroz family


Out for a trek with Saroz... getting views over Kathmandu

Monastary that needed repair works after the quake

Drinking the local way

Pup.. are you really comfortable...
Nepal is never lack of puppies

Long walk up Monkey temple

Obviously thats why its called Monkey temple?

Nepali board game - Bagh-Chal

Prayer flags

Even more steps

From young to old, everyone does it this way

  Much love eh

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