Monday, 23 November 2015

Day 489-509: To Bishkek & stopped for winter, Kyrgyz

Next to where we camped was a river... perfect spot for washing up and breakfast!

 Like a little bunny! I promised no bodily harm was done to the child while taking this photo hahaha


Photo credit: Moslem

 A sheltered area next to a roadside eatery... perfect for keeping dry from the wet snow outside


 Spooky not?

 Snow hat


Something wrong with this sign

 Lost track of Moslem going up Ala-bel pass @ 3184m. Wanted to wait for him but was unable to tolerate the sub-zero temperature and decided to make the descend. Wasn't a fun ride down, gritting my teeth so hard due to cold, trembled my way down with eyes hurting so felt as though the tears frozen and I had to keep blinking... yes it was that cold.

Heavy snow picked up on my way down, had to quickly parked my bike by the road and wait out on for Moslem in case he zoomed pass me, glad he didn't take long...
and who knows, we got stuck here for a few days..

 Photo credit: Moslem
Thats me squatting in the middle of snow covered road. Found signal at this spot and trying to send out messages to my trip manager



 Trucks stuck for days


Fury Family

 PaPa PaPa...

PaPa play....

Why... why must toilet be outside. The wooden planks inside are covered in ice and glad I didn't slip into the hole and onto the pile of shit.

Road covered in ice

Photo credit: Moslem
We tried to set off after being stranded for a couple of days

3pm, low visibility ahead of the pass to cross, snow coming, 130km away from Bishkek
I was supposed to turn off at Suusamyr instead of going up this pass but recent weather made me changed my plan and due to the weather I decided to hitch a ride for the last 130km to Bishkek and stopped for winter and return in a few months time to restart the trip again


Back to Bishkek!
 Cars parked on cycle path 

Osh Bazaar, a place where you can find everything

 Osh bazaar on both sides

 Not a big fan of central asia's toilet paper... rough.. very rough.. like rubbing sandpaper on your skin

 This is how biscuits, cookies, sweets etc are usually pack... loosely in plastic bags




Would you buy and how would you cook this?


 All kinds of dry fruits and nuts

 The noodle to make laghman

  Naan paradise

 Panfried dumplings


 Some kind of butter... but the external layer looks really strange


 Oromo! Love this...

 Horse meat in a can 

I prefer this plasticine horse found in the fridge of my hostel made by a child


With recurring stomach issues, flu and bronchitis, its a good time to take a break
Jetting off to escape winter, stopping at 16,497km.

03 Nov 15: 47.76km [Snow]
07 Nov 15: 22.43km [Cloudy, Snow, Rain] 

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