Monday, 2 November 2015

Day 485-488: To Bala Chychkan, Kyrgyz

 Photo credit: Moslem

 Photo credit: Moslem

 Fuel up

 Jacob from Germany started from Austria and is on his way to Patagonia (

I found jelly.... reminds me of childhood, used to have them especially the chocolate filled ones

 Photo credit: Moslem

 Photo credit: Moslem

Bet the cows ain't happy being transported in a truck


Slept in this tapchan by the road.

Roadside wreckage - drive carefully

Photo credit: Moslem


Photo credit: Moslem

Freshly made non is the best!

Well we were just here for a..... bath. After asking around when we were passing through Karakul, we found a home with banya.

Curious kids spying on us

Nice view from the house

More curious kids

Moslem's pretty pen

Post sauna snacks

Fried bread and tea

His tooth were already decaying at such young age :(

Photo credit: Moslem
 Wedding shots happening outside an abandoned building

Roadside reminder to drivers


 Camped on this empty field


 Photo credit: Moslem
 First thing in the morning, fixing puncture. Stones getting into big cuts on my tyre

 Photo credit: Moslem

 Photo credit: Moslem

 Toktogul Reservoir, pity it wasn't a clear day

Row row row your bike


 Piroshki – flat dough filled with meat, potatoes, veg
She made such tasty Piroshki that we had so many.

A requested shot - Father and son

Good morning


That is alot of Corn eh

 These kids started following us back and forth as though they were trying to prove they were much faster and one of them came so close to Moslem and lightly crashed into him that he lost balance

Bugger off and go fetch your water!

 Commonly seen in shops... to keep evil away 

30 Oct 15: 44.40km [Sunny]
31 Oct 15: 35.64km [Cloudy]
01 Nov 15: 51.39km [Rain, Cloudy]
02 Nov 15: 54.54km [Cloudy, Sunny]

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