Sunday, 20 September 2015

Day 442-445: Along the M41. north route

I was glad the weather was dry when I was riding this road


''Drinking'' water

Village bank

''Bus stop''

On the way to school

Picnic time

Never heard of RC cola but it says its been Americans favourite since 1905. Whatever it is, it keeps me happy on tough days.

Supposed to cross a bridge but its not there anymore so have to push through the dry river bed on very loose stones. Some kids helped with a push up when they saw me struggling on a short steep slope up loose stones and checkpoint officers gave me some apples :)


 Never ending ascend

 Looking back... The gradient from the photo makes it look really easy and harmless but I was sooo tired

 Looking at the clouds... I felt something bad is coming


 At around 5am in the morning, when I peeled open my eyes, I saw dark patches from the inner side of my tent and started poking it with my finger and something rolled off from the flysheet outside. I reluctantly detached myself from my sleeping bag and went out to have a pee look. Everything was covered in white... ''oh it snowed'' I thought... snapped a picture, decided against starting within seconds and crawled back into 'bed' to sleep

 The road I was supposed to take... didn't want to waste brake pads and for many other reasons... sleep is my best option. I'll wait till I hear trucks/cars coming down later that day which means it should be ok on the other side (I was about 5km away from the pass)

 Similar smell to mountain tea though I doubt they are... lots of them lined the road


First pass in Tajik! The otherside of the pass had no snow

Kids... no playing here please

17 Sept 15: 35.01km [Sunny]
18 Sept 15: 44.84km [Sunny]
19 Sept 15: 20.62km [Cloudy, Drizzle]
20 Sept 15: 26.74km [Snow, Sunny]

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